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Ok if you seem that intent of expressing you point of view about pureskill. I will let you have it (here). However, I would rather this be split off Into a topic that focuses on the general use of pureskill. The discussion on pureskill here has already become long and extensive enough to warrant its own topic without disrupting other lines of discussion.

rUnThEoN?! wrote:

I ask that you please keep this
topic on topic. This thread is for cup infomation and sign-ins.

Any new unrelated posts I will delete.


we are discussing cup rules, thank you.
I have been asked to post my few cents here so...

About what has
been killing E+ on the long term is that Quake3 isn't supported anymore
by the devs since the server vulnerability code patch.
Neither is anticheat supported, otherwise this game could have kept on forever.

About the Anticheat situation:

Outdated, yet it is the only clientside anticheat with signed program files.
Hard to set up, not recommendet.

New, but from a technical point of view it screams for problems.
there are a lot of Problems with GPL, the program is same illegal as a
hack running. Running an anticheat in Userspace makes no sense
whatsoever. The reason cheaters get caught is because most hacks for Q3
run in userspace too. This is different for counter strike hacks that
basically run in driver space because of the anti cheats there.
its basically an untrusted program running it is the same as if u would
run any .exe file from a spammail which are 100% viruses.

It is easy to set up though (because its flawed by design) and doesnt cause any lags.

to sum it up, imagine having an antivirus program run in the userspace, it just doesn't work.

And its especially dangerous since Spectre and Meltdown, seriusly.

anyways, now to some odd statements:

we can use protections xp_anticheatlevel and xp_antiwallhacklevel in 0
(off), which greatly improves the quality of the connection.

You can't turn the e+ anticheat off and it doesn't lag the connection.
However I agree with that xp_antiwallhacklevel has to be zero.

Also punkbuster imo is pretty useless, causes more problems than it resolves

Thats true, but there is no legal alternative.


How to setup it, better to put some guide and maybe full download of
quake 3 with mod and programm.2) Will it affect other programms like
steam? 3) Won't VAC take it as a cheat and ban me for example in

1) copy paste
2) no
3) no