Please welcome a new member (WaspDigit)

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Please welcome WaspDigit to WASP2 (.Wasp.Blacklist.)!

You may have seen him at Huevos or Sota's X. He's only been playing E+ for a short while but he already has a decent rail and will be put to the test almost immediately during our FW against Biomechanical Forces (BF) on Sunday, 2nd September. I know that he will be an integral part of the team very quickly.


Long live WASP.

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Please welcome a new member (WaspDigit)

Hello! Big grin

[19:39:33] [@di[g]it] A payee receiving a traveler's cheque should follow its normal procedures for depositing cheques into its bank account: usually, endorsement by stamp or signature and listing of the cheque and its amount on the deposit slip. The bank account will be credited with the amount of the cheque as with any other negotiable item submitted for clearance.
[19:40:05] [@Torzelan] too many usa words
[19:40:15] [@di[g]it] bank take check
[19:40:20] [@Torzelan] k thx
[19:40:21] [@Torzelan] Big grin

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Please welcome a new member (WaspDigit)

Kill'em all Digit. Go Go Go. Great to have you aboard.

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