:: One Shot Dead Tournament ::

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:!: One Shot: Dead :!:
Date: Friday, May 16th 2008
Time: 10:00PM (Eastern Time) (Please, connect to the server at 9:40PM)

:!: Rules :!:
Configuration: Plus.cfg
Fraglimit: 1
Timelimit: 0
Number of participant: 16
Duration: 1 to 2 hours
Server: Nuclear Fuzion (Provided by Keewee from Brain Eaters)
Map pool: q3dm1, q3dm2, q3dm3, q3dm5, pro-q3dm6, q3dm7, q3dm13, q3dm17, q3tourney1, q3tourney2, q3tourney3, pro-q3tourney4.

This tournament is using the knockout elimination type (single-elimination). Individual player picks a map in the pool; to progress further in the tournament, one player needs to win 2 games (2 out of 3 type). In case of tie, q3tourney1 will be used as tie map (the map is also valid as a map pool choice).

Register with your email and player name at this page (Registration needed)

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:: One Shot Dead Tournament ::

WASP members,

Please consider registering for this competition. It would be nice to have WASP represented and all members in this hemisphere, who have the time, should support these initiatives. It sounds very interesting.

Personally, I have to excuse myself from this but should a 2 vs 2 competition come around I will be there.

GL with the competition Dissonance (Pitbull).