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Excessiveplus News 01.2011

Welcome to Excessiveplus News, the tl;dr edition.
Everybody is still recovering from New Year and Christmas, so not much news was happen.
Let's see what did:

New Excessiveplus Team

We proudly presents the new Moderators in Forum & Ranking. After a succesfull vote from this community were chosen the new people. After a disagreeable situation for the Excessiveplus Team, they need to remove one Forum Moderator and decided to replace this position with a new one.

Who is Who from the new Team ( link )

Plus Ranking matches ( link )

Railonly Ranking matches ( link )

1vs1 Ranking matches ( link )

Since there are not much rankings for 2011 yet, so here are ELOrank stats from neverending rank:

Plus :

#     Name       Played  Rating
1     [Mr.]        44    1834.26
2     unique*      20    1714.35
3     SOUL         18    1687.50
4     EXTREME      34    1665.78
5     *DS          42    1657.37
6     HYPER        30    1656.37
7     F2B          17    1650.04
8     BBS           7    1633.60
9     .aNk.         7    1627.36
10    LSF           8    1619.84

Railonly :

#     Name       Played  Rating
1     *BC*         31    1767.83
2     the*smurfs   18    1728.85
3     Lucky        17    1721.40
4     F2B          10    1672.41
5     unique*       8    1647.12
6     EXTREME      14    1636.15
7     +R2+         18    1623.78
8     .dZ|          9    1616.68
9     ?dunno!       6    1598.98
10    Sneaky       20    1589.21

Plus 1vs1 :

#     Name       Played  Rating
1     seebz        48    1793.89
2     skull        18    1761.55
3     marcus       12    1728.83
4     ascari       12    1692.85
5     ultima       19    1688.96
6     nature       11    1681.93
7     fps          19    1676.63
8     invisible    14    1658.68
9     toxic         7    1655.71
10    zont         12    1655.21

Railonly 1vs1 :

#     Name       Played  Rating
1     skull         8    1713.62
2     ascari       11    1684.82
3     triv          6    1662.65
4     ultima        6    1658.48
5     trickz       10    1649.13
6     Zap           3    1645.07
7     asphyx        3    1645.03
8     marcus        5    1644.20
9     narcyz        8    1624.74
10    atrax         9    1618.91

For new players and clan transfers since last news, just click on this : ( link )

Eplus TDM-League 2011 Organisation by Asphyx. With 18 Signups, started last week. It's a league so we expect many upsets and tough matches over the next 17 weeks Winking This League have in Total 153 Ranking games.It is still a good news we could win a sponsor for this league.
In figures this signifies = 100 €

Eplus Freeze-Tag Nations cup Organisation by Trickz & Asphyx. Is in it's quarter final stages, which means the professionals have been seperated from the casually-skilled players, and one of 8 remaining teams (Poland/Russia/Great Britain/Germany/Lithuania/France/Croatia/Italy) will be the lucky winner.

S.E.A.R.C.H. Cup - Organisation by Syntax.Rail Only CTF Cup (needs more signups) for more action, only 4 clans atm!

:!:THERE YOU CAN JOIN *2*VS*2* CUP:!: Started in January with 16 + 2 Sub Teams . Yes its a Fun Team Cup with simple easy rules:Both sides need to agree ! A TDM gametype in plusC.cfg. You want more Informations then look here : ( link )

~ Official Plus 1v1-Cup Thread ~
This cup was started by Simpson. Now Asphyx finished it! A 1vs1 gametype in plusN.cfg.
You want more Informations here : ( link )

Railtrail Freeze Cup is finished ! Organisation by Darkangel & Asphyx.This was a Ranking Rail Cup with 16 Teams and the bananarail.cfg.Thank you for all clans they participated! You want more Informations ( link )

the * smurfs



Autumm Freeze Cup Is finished! Organisation by Zaxtor & Invisible.
This was a Ranking Freeze Tag Cup with 14 Clans and PlusN.cfg.
Congrats to the winner and thanks for participating!
Here are the places:

1. [MR.]
2. DSS
3. (D()[]K)

You want more Informations ( link )

Organisation from Asphyx & Darkangel.
This was a Ranking 1vs1 Cup with 32 Signups and a mix from 3 configs:
r4e09, bananarail, rr_v3. Congrats to the winner an thanks to all they participated!
Here are the places:

1. Ascari

2. Zap
3. Atrax

You want more Informations then look here : ( link )

His section is looking at random or interesting matches from the Oldskool Happy
Here is a Clanwar from TDM League 2006/07.
In round 15 (towards the end), Rs meat SWE. Both clans not chasing much as they arleady know what place they will end up in. It is more just a "momentum" match. But what happened on dm17 felt nothing like it from the side of SWE. The game went quite predictable ("SWE won"), but the flow of the game, and the one sided domination has rarely been this much on an e+ tdm match, as all odds are supposed to be even. Torzelan has 200+ frags, while Hard had such a low efficiency and such a small deaths count that it's possible that it's all time record.

Demo: /boom!
Official war thread: /bang!

Welcome to an Interview to one of the older generation of players, Triv, who has been here in community 2006 (and casual player since end of 2004). He does not play as much as in 2006, but always comes to each important war to kick ass. His is CS-Sniper aim is very good for rail aim (Just ask all his victims in e+ clanwars Tongue )


Interviwer(Sleepy: Actually fuck that shit... let's freestyle it Smug
Triv (T): Winking

I: You have been around e+ for a long time. How did you discover this mod? What made you stay?
T: Some dudes i know from real life where playing this mod. They told me about this mod and got me started with excessive plus. Nowadays there
are still quite a few nice people around here. That's why I'm still

I: Ah, you are one of the Dortmund guys Smug There were a lot of
people from your surroundings in e+ 2006. Which guys are the memorable
ones? And who still plays/comes around?
T: I'm probably the last dude from Dortmund still around. I consider Sriam as the most memorable guy but i should mention Airwalk as well,
maybe someone remembers him Smug

I: Were you members of same clan? Any funny clanwars or interesting stories?
T: Well i was with both Sriam and Airwalk in NTG and back then we had a pretty funny situation during a clanwar. We were missing one guy and
since i did not want to risk third WO in TDM league (and kicked from the league), I decided to try to play from both notebook and PC at the same time. But as i didn't get my gamepad running for moving 2nd player so it was totally obvious xD

I: And afterwards, what other clans of note have you been a member of in e+ ?
T: Since we could not keep NTG alive, we had to close it. Then i joined DEF to help my old clanmate Tool (in a similar way to how Zack helped us
when i was in NTG). After one week i got invited for a KO training and decided to apply for a tryout to Killing Obsession clan.

I: And how did tryout go?
T: Well i trained hard to have good chances in tryout. And after my trial time in the voting they couldn't decide if they should take me or
not. Then i got a kind of second chance where i was playing under KO
recruit tag, and after that time i made it in.Smug

I: What are your memories of KO that aren't well known? Also who were the bigger, special characters and what level of professionalism was
behind the public eye? (in trainings, when KO was just on their own)
T: We were like one big family. That's why we helped in each other in every situation and with all sorts of different problems. Also we always just talked about lots of different topics. And it wouldn't have been
so fun in that clan without entertain master ASM Tongue

We had certain rules in this clan which i would say made it more
professional and more successful than the majority of the other clans

Also our team spirit help us there as its really important as u can also see that in professional cs teams Smug

I: Then the big shock happened and KO decided to close at the top of
its game. What was your own opinion about this, and what happened to the most noticeable guys who left the clan?
T: Well, i was sad even though we planned to close the clan. And we decided that those who want to stay in this mod to join smaller less powerful clans to help them getting better and create more clans on a good level to get a better and more fierce level of competition in this mod. Thats why I am in C4 actually.

I: Who else joined small clans? Who didn't and went for other
powerful ones? And now in 2010, where are the people who made KO what it is?
T: Sriam and Trance didn't join small clans . Trance just wanted to go back to {d*r*t} and Sriam hooked up with hyper. Flex followed me into C4
and later went inactive and disappeared. Still some others of KO are around in e+. For example Marcus plays for Mr and HQ is roaming around here too, while others stopped playing or went to play different games

I: What other games did/do they play? why not bring and keep team m8s in same teams like a mini KO with similar faces playing together?
T: They play/ed games like Quake live. Well a team like mini KO would never be like the good old one, but for example in fag, HQ hooked up to
play again with driv.

I: And so now you are in c4 and mi3, after 4 years in this mod. In
e+, what are you memories? The best clans or teams (most challenging or
most fun) that you played against? And any wars made special cos of
friendly rivalries?
T: Well my probably most memorable war was c4 vs lemon, which we won 2:1 in overtime Smug. And it was definitely most fun with KO. And early in the days we had some rivals when I was in NTG but i dont remember their name.

I: A request question: "How do you acknowledge the fact that the mod
and the community has changed and is now to a different intellectual
level than the times of SWE/LEM/KO?"
T: People seem to be a lot more like in CS nowadays. Just starting flame wars and shit like this. It used to be a really nice place here.
But nowadays it resembles a magma-ravaged charred remains of a
once-thriving city, its streets forever charcoal gray, tall green trees
no longer there.

I: What sort of PC do you have?
T: A pretty old one. I used to play on P4 3ghz for years, but since it crashed I'm now running an AMD 3500+. I can't play new games on it. At
least i hardly get enough fps for playing cs or quake

I: And what mouse and mousepad do you have? And what is your preference between high/low sens?
T: I'm using Microsoft IntelliEye Explorer 3.0 on Corepad Eyepad xxl. I preferring a low sens. Right now im using 50 cm/360.

I: Well, that smoothly transfers us to next question. I will write a
name or type of game, and want you to write what you think of them (gameplay, community(if any), style). Okay?
T: k
I: Let's tart off easy. The other instagib mods. noghost/uFreeze/iFreeze
T: InstraFreeze one of those gamesstyle i realy enjoy to play. I
would rate uFreeze the best out of those you named. I'm not so much into any community there. The gameplay in uft is pretty nice. I really like the slow rail reload there.

I: The "classic" q3 mods (OSP and CPM) ?
T: They are definitely not a favourite of mine. I simply like rail only style lot more.
I: QuakeLive?
T: Quake live is not bad. I suck at it when it doesn't come to instagib there. Shame u don't have all the feature and need to spend money for
several premium/pro features.

I: Or have a friend who invites you to a premium server with their . CS 1.6?
T: CS is a really nice game. i really enjoy to play it. Usually I play PCW with friends or deathmatch there, as public is annoying as
hell. I usually follow the pro's playing the big events like ESWC or
DreamHack. Its always nice to watch a tough game with stunning frags and lot of crazy tactics. Furthermore, those guys are usually really cool

I: Here's a chance to let off some steam (pun not intended): CS:Source ?
T: Source is a piece of shit. Maybe you end up with better visuals there, but if you look at player movement: it's like watching old
grannies moving across street! Also, the gameplay is not as nice as in
1.6. When you have some skillz in 1.6 you can easily pwn in source. So
guys never switch to source when they play 1.6 because they might end
like zet: he used to be the best CS1.6 player back in 2005/2006 and
nowadays he really sucks after playing source for a period of time

I: Anything else you'd like to comment on? Any of Call of Duty games? Unreal Tournament iCTF? Quake World/ Quake 2 / Quake 4?
T: Well i don't like CoD that much. As mentioned i can't play it on PC and i don't like FPS games on consoles. I used to play a bit quake 4
longer ago but it wasn't as enjoyable as q3.

I: We're done with your internet persona, and are going to talk a
little about YOU. What's your age/ full time occupation at the moment
(where are you working or what are you studying for?)
T: I'm 19 right now and will turn 20 this summer. At the moment im still in school and will finish it this year. After school i will study
automotive engineering.

I: Ah, choosing the sector which will always have demand, and always
will be interesting no matter what age we are in. What do you hope to
achieve in 10 years time? Please give a realistic view and also one
where all ur wildest dreams come true?
T: i hope i will have a nice job in that sector and receive a lot of money. And maybe ill create a family. And my dream is to have several BMW cars Smug

I: How do you like to spend your free time? Do you have a girlfriend? Any hobbies worth mentioning?
T: i like to hang out with friends , drink some beers with them or go partying whole night. I dont have a gf right now.

I: I presume you're searching though, so What type of girl would be ideal for you (appearence, personality,ethnicity)?
T: When it comes girls i would say best would be a blonde one Smug

I: Which beers do you like?
T: I like Kronen and Brinkhoffs both from my hometown of Dortmund, Germany , Pilsener Urquell and Heineken the most.

I: What is your favourite type of music? And what artists do you like?
T: I like to listen to rap music Smug I like to listen to Eminem or The Game or any other niggah from THE WESTSIDE!

I: Wu-Tang and Nas will surely rage, and Notorious B.I.G. Will be
turning in his grave, since Triv's coast allegiance is with the West
Side. Which rappers that make you laugh or cringe because they suck?
T: Most hilarious fail RAPPER is actually Kollegah. I can laugh my ass off all the time because he thinks he is teh best rapper in the

I: Name a few movies you like.
T: I actually like How High and also Road Trip

I: We're at the end of the interview. Would you like to give out any shout-outs or special thnx?
T: I'd like to thank the guys from KO for the nice time and also I want to thank anyone in c4 for being such a great family. Last but not
least i want to great PAUL my niggah. Smug

Thank You for reading.

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Re: News: 16-1-11

Thanks to the semi-anonymous creator of this news edition Happy

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Re: News: 16-1-11

Nice to see e+ news again Happy gj mistress.

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Re: News: 16-1-11

pro coach rocks Big grin
"dont attack bridge anymore "

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Re: News: 16-1-11

gj !

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Re: News: 16-1-11

haha, shady? Big grin

.aNk/xXxp4l/:bR.Shady'XYN! wrote:
Fuck! I just thought of the most awesome pun about the BC vs Smurfs final game and the flames that followed :
"In Soviet Moldavia, Pole rages YOU"
like 2 months after Call me

3M'darkangel wrote:
// 09:30:49 27.06.2010, UNKNOWN LOCATION,
Name { "Biotoxin" }
IP { "localhost" }

SHUDDER wrote:
People are training hard to hide their autoshoot so well while gain enough skills to win (or at least compete on similar level) without them. This is getting insane or provoked. I feel like I would cut myself with Ockham's Razor if I claim a cheat there.

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Re: News: 16-1-11

bj would be better! Big grin

!@#$%&*( terror )_
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Re: News: 16-1-11

yep Happy shadyAK and flex1
Funny but still not very cool to sneak into our PRIVATE TS CHANNEL
under nicknames "fala" and "madbringer" and interrupt out practice.
Also who gave u permission to make it public ?

Would be appreciated if admin could delete it, me and my clanmates are
not very happy that u made it public and actually interrupted our match in first place.
Hopefully it will never happen again or will take more consequences of it.
Besides mistress since u are admin here and also on TS server u should
take care of situations like that and not to approve it.
Not proffesional ?

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Re: News: 16-1-11

boo! it was funny but not too disrespectful. If you want non-interrupted sessions, buy a Mumble server like aNk did c: Also you didn't seem too offended when i told you over voicecomm. Also, it is just for fun. It's not like i mind at being told off in polish but not having any idea about what. Also, the fact you won both maps despite 2 retards talking on ur channel is a credit to ur clan cos you won despite that, and is a positive thing.


nonsense repellent declamatory

!@#$%&*( terror )_
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Re: News: 16-1-11

We've had too many shit going on around unique already,
too many private stuff going out public. We wanna focus
on playing and lay low till we reclaim our good name.
Besides u know that bringing flex1 near me will end up with
pole's rage. Tell that bitch to stay away from me and my clan.

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Re: News: 16-1-11

Either way i don't care. You deleted the ca pcw thread, you acted out of roder bout the news thing (good name??? what ke fuck?? dude, as far as both normal quake AND every major gaming league is concerned, it's just about playing and enjoying time with your friends, even in less known games, rather than caring what everybody thinks).
I'm not doing any more of this news shit, hf with intelligentcontributions such as "peopel" and "Need to fix it, and know all the time on which weapon u will change the next sec. Use brain in quake, dont make a kid, fatal erorrs and all will come to you "


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