New Anticheat System for Quake3

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I returned to q3 after few years and I was thinking of creating proper anti-cheat system for q3. It could be very simple to add it to q3server - if server anti-cheat cvar is 1 then query ACmaster server to get clients with anti-cheat turned on, and put rest to spectators/kick them with appropriate message.

- scan whole process memory for modifications
- communicate with the ac master server
- it would NOT affect your FPS or ping
- in game command to check who uses ac on current server
- based on engine so it would work with all mods
- some cool tricks to make cheat-coders life harder

I have already started working on this project but I would like to hear your opinion. My time is limited and I don't want to waste it.

Why do I think I can do it? I work as a software engineer for well known anti-virus company. I have very deep knowledge of reverse engineering and PE file format, and great minds around me (:

Tell me what you think and feel free to ask questions Happy

http:/ - you can support my anticheat project here if you want Happy