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Here i will create retroarch console , what have to play games for Nintendo 8bit, 16bit, Sega 8bit, 16bit, Playstation 1, Arcade Games, ATARI 2600 and some others.

operating system links:

http://www.retroarch.com/ - project - menu of separate libretro emulators

http://www.lakka.tv/ - complete retroarch distribution targeted for special hardware

games = roms , iso

type in google words : " no-intro " roms , and " redump " roms

fast share and download cca 1000 - 2000 games for consoles 1980-2000 era

games are abandoneware but not all . some of it have license

no-intro and redump is scanned by retroarch to playlists flawless

hardware list

less power = raspberry pi (zero , 2 , 3 , banana , orange) , target for nintendo 8bit , 16bit

better = android tv box , sample S905 chipset series , this i will use (i try NEXBOX A95X)

better is Odroid X4 but more cost and compatibility problems

best platform is computer pc , special barebone or computer second harddisk or retroarch.exe

simply test and experiments with retroarch and lakka , for this , simply try retroarch.exe

more experimental is operating system lakka on second harddisk in your pc and dual boot

i mean create unique hardware NEXBOX A95X connected separate be best for my console

We will use game-station controller GAMEPAD Speed Link FX Wireless with menu button.

Playstation3 gamepads must be connected with kabel, XBOX360 gamepads must have dongle

PC gamepads is best choice or compatible XBOX360 & PC , with menu button


connect hardware to power , chipset= display, audio, network, ,, controllers , processor and memory reset , prepare installation media

download lakka image for your platform , diskwrite image to micro sd card , use writer.exe program or in linux use command dd ,

writer.exe diskwrite , image to micro sd card ,


boot writed sd card image first time for resize space and init

second boot = install boot , install to internal memory of device

continue view directory structure www.tigerhareram.cz raspberry , sample