How to get your event in the front page

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For your event to be added in the front page is required to :

  • create a new event in this Thread
  • use the break sign: <!--break--> in your event post. This sign will tell the system where the preview text that is shown on the front page will end. Don't add the title in the preview text because its already shown as a result of your event topic title. 1 Image is allowed in the preview. The image will be resized automatically to fix the front page layout. If no preview text is available, you can add the break sign as first "thing" in your event post. The sign is visible only when editing. If you cannot do it you can ask a forum moderator or a site administrator to help you with this but is suggested for you to do it next time.
  • speak with a forum moderator or a site administrator to put your event topic on the front page
  • maintain the break sign in the event post. If you remove it, will create a mess in the front page which will be result in the removal of the event from the first page.
Good luck & happy eventing