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hiso I'm trying to put together a server or 3 for our old school lan parties and I thought E+ would let me have all the options we want.I just can't download any of the configs or anything - all the attachments seem to not be available. I would even attempt to build the basic configs we want but the documentation didn't really help me out on it.
I have the base server steps all sorted with LinuxGSM in docker containers so I can spin up multiple servers that just work - all working fine at that end.
I want an instagib rail FFA server and possibly have a few different takes on that for TDM and CA maybe even freeze tag. Without the configs I'm at a bit of loss for doing it though.
If anyone can help out that'd be great - maybe I just need to be enabled for attachments, or someone can re-up what they have?I'm happy to post up how to build a docker server and what not to recreate what we're doing for oldschool lanning if there's any interest.

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Re: getting up and running - servers/configs

hi there, i can probably help, i'll take a look later. if theres a specific cfg you're looking for or a particular attachment thats now dead, let us know which. i might be able to get a copy. you may need to tweak them, some may not have been remade to work with the latest version of the mod.
you can also find help on the quake 3 discord, its much more active and there are some people there who may have something or help answer your questions. sry i dont have the inv link right now but i can get you that or you can try find it.

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