Get rid of Argus+ LakerboT and Mr.Gauntlet

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I made an "update" that will remove the 3 bots from excessiveplus.

Why remove them...

  • Because the have actually 1 level and Argus+ is to hard if you set him at a low level. Level 1 4 and 5 have al the same values in the bot config so level 1 2 3 4 5 are the same Sad
  • And I only want bots I defined in the bots.txt file.
So if you run a server with the following options
  • set bot_enable "1"
  • set bot_minplayers "1" // 1 or more
Argus+ LakerboT and Mr.Gauntlet will no longer popup on the playground. Use set g_botsfile "scripts/bots.txt" to get you own bots.
Just drop the file in the excessiveplus folder.

Have fun.

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