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Please read this thread before posting!


  1. Please keep your posts as comprehensive as possible. L33T 74LK, ALL CAPS, AcId CaPs and other forms of writing your posts in ways that reduce it's comprehensiveness is allowed, but heavily frowned upon.

  2. Try not to multi-post (meaning, posting several times in a row in the same thread). The edit function is there for you to use it. It is allowed to multi-post if you were the last person to post in a thread that seemingly died, and feel like having something very important to say, which should be brought to the attention of others. But even then, think twice if it's worth it.

  3. Write your posts in English.This includes the complete website, forum and shoutbox.If you really have to write in another language, provide an English translation for other users.Other matters will be deleted or marked as [English] in that posts.

  4. No flames and trolls. If you want to write something snappy and/or offensive to someone, use the Private Message function.

  5. Respect your fellow posters. Remember, you get what you give.

  6. If you have nothing better to write in a thread then "I Agree!" or "ROFL!", then dont post at all. Try to elaborate a little on what you're referring to. Such simple and primitive posts get very annoying very fast.

  7. We have no "necessary English skills minimum" for you to be able to start posting, however, we all like to understand what was written. We are not grammar nazis, but make sure your post is at least readable. You can use THIS spellchecker to maximize your posts readability or use a online translator THIS

  8. Do not register more than one account on these boards. If you have a problem with your account, contact an site admin (scrolldown to see the list).

  9. Do not post pornographic, racist and otherwise offensive or very repulsive material (such as pictures of the deceased, animal sex and the like)! Such stuff will be immidiately removed when spotted, and there will be severe conseqences drawn for the abuser.

  10. Do not use pornographic avatars and forum signatures.

  11. Stick to the topic. Mild off-topic posts might pass on, but serious derailment will not be tolerated, and will be subject to either deletion, splitting into a separate thread, or moved to the trashcan (depending on the posts info value).

  12. No grave-digging. Leave REALLY ancient threads alone. If you spot a thread which is dead for some time, and you're positive you have something constructive to say, which would add to the topic, do go ahead. But keep in mind, dont make a habit out of it, and think twice if it really adds to the topic. Sometimes it's better to just start a new thread, rather than disturbing old bones.

  13. No spamming. This includes - advertising websites and products, completely mindless posts ("ASJHD><!!LOL>HAHA!!!"), writing the same message in different threads, flooding the forums with nonsense, and annoying other board users on purpose.

  14. Dont post links to warez sites, copyrighted or illegal material. That includes torrent site, link collections, ftp's and the like.

  15. Cursing and offensive words are not forbidden, altho, might be looked down at if used when not necessary or in excess.

  16. Do not create threads aimed at one person. Use other methods of communication platforms instead (private messages function for examble), in such a case.

  17. Server owners or anybody else MAY NOT advertise their/any public or private servers in any of the clan forums besides their own (if they have a clan and a public forum ofc). As well shoutbox server advertising is limited to ONE MESSAGE/DAY.


  1. You have a feature in your profile that allows you to enter your in-game name there, so it can be visible on the forums. Simply copy the name code in there (without the quote marks and "seta name" command) and save, it should work fine. However, a number of users have reported that this feature is not working correctly for them. That's caused by regional language settings in the browser you're using. If problems should occur, try changing your browser font coding to "ISO-8859-2". If that wont help you, you can always change your global coding settings by going to "Control Panel" > "Regional Settings" > "Advanced", and change your current language setting to "English (United States)". This might require a system restart, and you might want to revert that change after you enter your forum screen name correctly.

  2. Try to keep your name not similar to the names the E+ Team uses.

  3. You also can attach files to your posts. Maximum three attachments per post. Do try to keep the attached files reasonable in size, also, we urge you to compress them before uploading. Small hint about uploading images - try NOT to upload uncompressed image files, like .BMP or .TGA. They tend to be very big in size, and are very annoying to view. There are a number of programs which allow conversion of the file type to more reasonably sized .JPG, .GIF or .PNG.

  4. If you dont want to attach an image to your post, but rather, put the image in your post, you can do so by uploading it to one of the image hosting sites, like ImageShack.

  5. Keep your signature pictures reasonable in size, both, in terms of their resolution, and the file size. If users will find your signature picture or text annoying/offensive, it will get you in trouble. Give a thought about what you want to put in there.

  6. Before you create a thread, make sure there isnt one similar in content already present on the boards. Also, try to give your thread a descriptive name, to not keep people guessing about what it's about.

  7. Make sure you create your thread in the correct section of the forums. They're broken in sub-parts for a reason.

  8. The clan and team sub-forums have their own moderators. If you have any queries, you should contact them. A list of moderators for each section is displayed under the sub-forum name.

  9. Failing to comply with these rules and guidelines will result firstly in a warning then repeated warnings 1/3 -> 2/3 -> will lead to a temporary ban with possibility of a permanent ban if rules are still to be broken by the user in cause.



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