FW -- BF vs WASP2 RELOADED : Sunday, 09 September

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Ok, on Sunday, 2nd September WASP2 had 5 members ready to tango with BF (who had even more members) but their fearless leader Woky never showed up. The BF members seemed reluctant to play without Woky and so, rather than ask for a forfeit, we postponed the match to Sunday, 9 September.

Unforntunately, Woky's PC had suffered a major problem that delayed him for hours. But he's back and both Clans are ready to get it on.


# Date Sunday, 9 September
# Time: 23:30 GMT +1 which is 4:30 PM in Belize, 5:30 PM in Veracruz, Mexico, and 6:30 PM (US East Coast time)
# Server: NWC Colliseum
# Gametype: Freeze Tag (2 of 3 maps)
# Players: 3 vs 3 (min) - 5 vs 5 (max)
# Timelimit: 0
# Fraglimit: 15
# Config: plus
# Maps: DM6 and DM7
# (Tie-Map): DM14
# Friendly Fire: OFF
# Punkbuster: ON
# Pure Server: OFF
# Camp Protection: ON

UPDATE: I will send a Private Message to all WASP/WASP2 members with the access password for the server. I will also send the info via MSN. Our next two matches (With FFF and BE) will be on New York Servers so that will mean better ping for most members.