Excessive Plus and ioquake3

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Hi !
I'm new to Excessive Plus.
I love this mod and I could not play stock Quake 3 anymore. But I noticed something which is a bit annoying and I do not know if it comes from the fact I'm using ioquake3 (built for 32bit Linux from SVN) rather than id's last official quake3 build.

When I try to launch a One Flag CTF or Return The Flag map from the menu (be it either Multiplayer > Create or simply the Skirmish menu), I get nothing except an error:

When I try launching a g_gametype 4 Q3CTF4 and change it to g_gametype 6, there is no neutral flag on the map (neither with stock q3ctf4.ents, nor with the entire baseq3 .ents files installed), but it works with q3wcp* maps.

Have you ever seen this issue ?

Thanks in advance.

[Edit] : Just tried with id's build, same problem. Any suggestion ?