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08.08.2010 - 15.08.2010

Welcome to E+N Quakers!

So one week passed by and here we are again, hope you enjoyed with our last news thread and you will do the same with this one : >

Railonly side

In ranking raionly side all is the same…as we told in our last news thread
We are in summer and there is no much activity.
All clans are telling that in September-October they will start to play CW’s
And be actives.

F2B Clan still Leading in ranking with 8 wins.

In 2nd is E><TREME! clan with 7 wins and 1 match lost.

On 3rd place is 3M'CLAN Clan with 8 wins and 4 lost matches.

Plus side

Just one CW passed Mr vs BBS
[Mr] 2:0 BBS

[MR.] Clan is Leading in PLUS ranking with 11 wins.

In 2nd is unique Clan with 13 wins and 3 lost matches.

In 3rd place is E><TREME! Clan with 18 wins and 6 lost matches.

But remember, this section will be soon very active!

individual Rail Only (1vs1)

This week, was a 1vs1 fight between Ultima and Skullhead.
You want to see demos of this amazing fight? You can do it! HERE<-(click)
Enjoy! As we did! ; )

Skull is leading in this rank with 6 matches played and all 6 are wins.
Ascari is 2nd with 5 matches played and all 5 are wins.
In 3rd place we have Marcus with 4 matches and all 4 are wins.

Individual Plus (1vs1)

Not much happened here…but in September this will change!!!

Seebz, still leading 1vs1 Plus ranking with 31 matches played, 25 wins, 6 lost.
Ascari is second with 11 matches played, 9 wins and 2 lost.
Ultima have a 3rd place with 13 matches, 10 wins and 3 lost.

Right now on E+ we have 14 Railonly Clans and 19 Plus Clans Happy

Clans which are currently looking for players:

RSocKstar . RS* more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
.DARK|ANGELS. more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
EVOL more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
(IS) * more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
[clan]the blood brothers clan[/clan] more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
SOFT' more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
| DVINSK more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
HYPER more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
1337*5|<!|_|_5 more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
Lucky more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
*SNEAKY*BASTARDS more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
mi3 more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
[MR.] more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
ALONE more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)

Clanless players looking for clan to join:


Player transfers:

Jeikat --> .DoK.jeikat(T)
Ferrari --> .DoK.Ferrari(T)
.DoK. Marsal(T) --> .DoK.Marsal
Mago --> .DoK.Mago(T)
missile --> -C4-missile
shocker --> -C4-shocker
scrind --> alone*scrind
style --> alone*style (T)
xotic --> alone*xotic
dsharpe.rs --> alone*dsharpe
typique * den --> unique * den (fullmember)
Zaxtor -->|MI3||ZAXTOR
vextor --> EVOL.VEXTOR
[Mr.]Stikkan --> EVOL.STIKKAN
levee --> Levee*DS
rg --> *BC*Levee
biohazard --> *BC*Biohazard

You have a CW…or FW…or just a simple clan meeting? … and don’t have place to go…here you will find a dedicated servers for this! Enjoy!

[ jumpsland ]
MSN: ,

[ asphyxland ]

B@N@N@ CW/FW/Train Private Server

r2 War Server by [MaxRate.pl]

[Mr.] Free War server

DarK|Clan & ZMB War|Server


Having problems with finding:

- smooth server for ranked match (CW),

- someone to record mvd from match,

- someone with knowledge of server commands,

- someone who could explain all ranking rules,

- someone who could supervise & control match progress on server.

Don't worry, ref+ is a team of dedicated people who will help u with all those problems.Simply visit ref+ public forums and create a post.Someone will contact You and help u with arranging your match.

Complete name: Rabindranath Bustos
Nickname: beast / lagstard
Age: 22
Country: Nicaragua
Clans/Teams:WASP, AIM[+], super
Mouse: Logitech G9
Mouse pad: SteelSeries 4D

#1 Tell us a bit more about yourself and about your gaming history, which was your first mod for Q3A?

I’ve liked games since I was very young, I remember playing Scorched Earth, Prince of Persia and several other MS-DOS games. I also played a lot of Play Station games, since a cousin of mine owned one. After that I used to play AOE2 and Diablo II mainly, up to the beginning of 2007 when I started to play Q3. I firstly played on single player until I could win all the tiers in Nightmare (lol). After that I started to play online, and some of the first servers I connected to was an E+ server where there were some players playing 1on1 on a plus-like config. I was really impressed with the gamestyle, watching some experienced players like BioHazard, Term, O2JR and Plinks face each other. After that, I immediately downloaded the E+ mod and started playing on some noob servers until Nine showed me how to fast switch, and then started playing on Deex near the end of 2007.

#2 Tell us about your hobbies and what you do in your free time when you are not in ‘’Quake World’’.

I like to watch anime and movies. Also I used to play table tennis, basketball, chess, guitar, make origami and ride on bike a lot, but lately I’ve become quite sedentary and haven’t done any of that in like a year or maybe even more. Instead of that now I spend a lot of time reading about technology, programming, web development or miscellaneous stuff.

#3 When you joined to ‘’Developers Team’’ of E+? and also why you joined them? And what was your first feeling like Developer? Also…from were you having you coding skills?

I joined in about July of last year. The reason why I joined is only because I like the game a lot (when the number of players on American servers lowered I tried to play other FPSs like UrbanTerror and CoD4, but they all bored me pretty quickly), so when the edawn project became public for whatever reasons it became clear that most of the player base was unwilling to make the switch, so the future of the mod (not really the mod, I honestly didn’t care which mod as long as the gamestyle and playerbase could be preserved) was pretty uncertain.
So then my first feelings would be of uncertainty, because all I knew about C were the little practices I made on college. However, I’ve always liked to program, because that was the field I spent more time in my college years, and I already knew other programming languages in depth (my main field is web development), so I was confident I could do it, and I was right: after easy accepted me in, in the next couple of weeks I studied 2 books of C (or 3, can’t remember, the last one was “Expert C Programming”, a really great book), and after that I felt the E+ codebase a lot easier.

#4 What you think of about Karma instead of post count in forums?

Honestly, in forums I only care about the posts, all other fancy features (like avatar, signature, post count, reputation) are extras in my eyes. So, since I don’t care about them, I guess I have no problem with using one or the other or even none, but keep in mind that I can’t make those changes in this forum.

#5 "North American E+ is currently "dormantly sleeping" at best. What part or aspect or person or clan/team (or even time period in general) do you miss the most from those NA/DeeX's Freeze OrGy times"

Sadly I couldn’t play on DeeX on its best days, when I started to play seriously a lot of good players had already left. Anyway, I guess the time I miss would be when I joined my first clan, XSFG, and the leader, ShadowKnight. I used to train a lot of time with him, and thanks to that I improved my skills a lot. Anyway, he had to leave because of real life issues at the beginning of 2009.

#6 What you think, which is your favourite clan at the moment in Plus side? And in Rail side? Also which is your favour player in E+?

MR, followed by F2B. I like the offensive gamestyle of these clans, watching their wars is never boring, even against camping clans. In rail side I don’t know, since I don’t follow rail side that much. Favourite player would be Marcus, followed by Skull and Laktos.

#7 Also, we don’t see you very often playing…where you spend your time (when you are not coding) and which server?

Well, that is because of the time zone. Because of work I can’t play on European servers anymore, and at the time I can play the servers are empty, since American E+ is pretty much inactive. Also, to be honest, I’ve always preferred to play FFA or TDM, since I don’t like to be waiting in games. Because of that I guess, and also because I don’t enjoy playing with 200 ping very much, I’m in a kind of on a break, but if an American server would rise again I’m pretty sure I would be of the first ones playing there.

#8 Have you got any plans for future of E+? or did you think about any sponsors for E+ events?

No I haven’t, I limit to code. If I would have extra money I think I would serve as sponsor myself, but I don’t Tongue. Anyway, as Fala himself said, a sponsor would be a great deal for attracting more people into E+.
About the future of E+, well, honestly I haven’t thought about it. I would definitely like some optimizations, maybe a couple of more features or gametypes, maybe to open the source code, who knows.

#9 You think, the future is Quake Live?

Never played QL before, so I don’t know. If it’s the future, then honestly I would only care if somehow at least a plus style would be added to it, or even better if it could somehow accept mods (tho I’m not sure how would that work in the centralized design of QL). To be honest, the moment plus gamestyle dies I’ll also quit gaming (at least seriously).

#10 What mouse and pad do you use and why?

Logitech G9, about one year and a half ago. It seemed to have very good features on amazon, since gaming mice don’t come to this country. I liked the features and really felt the difference against normal mice, but honestly I never really got comfortable with the shape, so I can’t move the mouse as I would like to. Mouse pad is an SteelSeries 4D, bought because it was the cheapest one made of plastic I found on Amazon, in retrospective I think I should have given the QcK a try.

#11 Thank you, any last words or thanks to someone?

- Don’t waste time in stupid flames on this forum, better go play on servers.
- If you don’t like something, try to do something for your own instead of trolling and spamming.
- Thanks to ShadowKnight, WaspKiller and easy.



Thank You for reading.

Best wishes,

D@|¯K@NGE|_ and B|_ACK|¯OSE

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Re: Excessive+News [15.08.2010]

Gr8 work Happy

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thx Happy

In next month we will make only twise the "NEWS" (each 15 days) as...making them each week...can be bored..and there is no much interesting things to write about : )

as beast+ told, better make it this way.

But maybe if in Septeber-Octuber will be many cw etc...the news thread will be each week.

KK thx for reading .)

Darky and Rozyk

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Re: Excessive+News [15.08.2010]


hurrenson: "This idiot is apparently not familiar with a rail/sniper style."

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pls dont forget about this for next interview...


thx in advice .)

Gloria Mōmentum
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

“There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”
—Ernest Hemingway

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wow cool Happy

& i like interviews sections Happy to read, fells more closer too e+, anyway just do not make them too often, Winking

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GJ, but where is Atrax's song? Happy