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31.08.2010 - 14.09.2010

Welcome to E+N Quakers!

Hello and Welcome to Excessiveplus News!
At least summer ends and all clans now are more active! recruiting new members
for their squad! to play Clan Wars, Fun Wars and Train!
Also we have new clans that are active and soon will start a R.T.F.C. Cup!
Don’t mess with it! because already 14 clans participates on this cup and all wars will be ranked. Also we have a very interesting interview! And in next news we will have an interview with 4 girls!
Ok so here we go!


In ranking railonly side all is the same…Only one clan war was played between BC and Mi3 this week.
As all know 1 octouber starts RailTrail Freeze Cup '2010
so we will have many Interesting clan wars and a lot of fun!! dont mess with it!
*BC* 2:1 Mi3

F2B Clan still Leading in ranking with 8 wins.
In 2nd is E><TREME! clan with 6 wins and 1 match lost.
On 3rd place is 3M'CLAN Clan with 9 wins and 4 lost matches.


Only 2 clan wars were played in this 2 weeks. So here is the results:

DS 2:0 Hyper
[Mr] 2:0 F2B

[MR.] Clan is Leading in PLUS ranking with 14 wins and 1 lost match.
In 2nd is unique Clan with 13 wins and 3 lost matches.
In 3rd place is E><TREME! Clan with 16 wins and 6 lost matches.


epsilon 2:0 xv!benedykt
Narcyz 3:1 Ascari
SKULL!·SOUL is Leading in this rank with 8 matches played and all 8 are wins.
ASCARI * DS is 2nd with 7 matches played , 6 wins 1 lost match.

In 3rd place we have triv' with 6 matches played , 5 wins 1 lost match.


How we can see all is the same.New plus cups come and all will change!
At the moment this is what we have got:

ZMB*RaWr! still leading 1vs1 Plus ranking with 31 matches played, 25 wins, 6 lost.
ASCARI * DS is second with 11 matches played, 9 wins and 2 lost.
|¯4e*|__|LT!MA! have a 3rd place with 13 matches, 10 wins and 3 lost.

Right now on E+ we have 20 Rail Clans and 24 Plus ClansClans which are currently looking for players:

*INK* more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
RSocKstar . RS* more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
.DARK|ANGELS. more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
EVOL more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
(IS) * more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
[clan]the blood brothers clan[/clan] more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
SOFT' more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
3M'CLAN more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
| DVINSK more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
HYPER more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
1337*5|<!|_|_5 more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
Lucky more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
mi3 more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
? dunnO ! more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
[clan]R2[/clan] more about joining this clan HERE <-(click)
the * smurfs more about joining this clan HERE <-(click)
F2B more about joining this clan HERE <-(click)

Clanless players looking for clan to join:


Player transfers:

.TNT*AKLIN! -> jumps*aklin
Illca -> Illca RS
*ZMB*Excalibur -> Excalibur
Candyman -> *ZMB* Candyman
infected -> EVOL.INFECTED
.DoK. Jeikat (T) -> .DoK. Jeikat
.DoK. Marsal (T) -> .DoK. Marsal
.DoK. Mago (T) -> .DoK. Mago
style -> .DoK. Style
Atrax -> .DoK. Atrax
Tr1ckz rs -> Trickz
Ownage RS(ia) ->Ownage
Twister T R* -> Twister RS
Trickz -> BadBoysQuad*TRX!
f2b'skull -> Skull!-Soul-
*ZMB* Crucifix -> Crucifix
*ZMB* Beng -> Beng
Koszmit -> IS*Koszmit
Boykins -> IS*Boykins
Natali -> IS*Natali
cartman -> .dZ|cartman!
ZMB Super Saiyajin -> Supa Sayan
Alone*Xotic -> XOTIC
klamot -> .dZ|klamot!GL and HF in your new clans Happy

Organisation : Asphyx <asphyx_q3@hotmail.de> and Darkangel <a-diseno@hotmail.es>

Enjoy with the cool
video that boykins did Happy we hope you all will enjoy the cup!
as at the end will be a trailer about it with all participants!

MORE INFO HERE...<---Click


Having problems with finding:
- smooth server for ranked match (CW),
- someone to record mvd from match,
- someone with knowledge of server commands,
- someone who could explain all ranking rules,
- someone who could supervise & control match progress on server.

Don't worry, ref+ is a team of dedicated
people who will help u with all those problems.
Simply visit ref+ public forums forums and create a post.
Someone will contact You and help u with arranging your match.

Complete Name: Tobias Vercek (ok, the Vercek is not my real name, its rather, one teacher fucked up remembering my name proper and he spelled vercek then, since then I tend to use it as lastname on the net Happy

Nickname: Skull/OnThErUn\rUnThEoN/newbie! (some of u guys dont know that nick, i tend to use it when im new to a community)

Fakenicks: prolly tons, short list of most popular: T35T (copied from torzelan), Beer Doppelbock, /h4x. (black and blue), nub4live, killeasy.org?, cpt.obvious, cheetah, djer_n, xXKillstealr69Xx (good luck finding reference on the net), *santa*, XKYLZ and tons of more.

Age: turned 20 2 days ago, obviously 99% of community didn’t know or forgot, or didn’t read my msn nickname. Happy

Country: Germany (good country to live in tbh, but could be better)

Clans/Teams: Soul ofc. about teams, not been really in some, lime team, beer team, 7k and thats it. Always dislike how teams are done in e+, they should be allowed to change members on the fly, so the team always has the leaders friends and friends of those.

Old Clans/Teams:
plus.cfg: TFC -> Lime -> Soul -> s!soul -> f2b -> Soul (if i ever play in a clan again, then Soul)
E5r.cfg: BNT -> the one and only

Mouse: Deathadder, also 3X MIE 3.0 and 1 time wmo, also own mx310 and some crap ones, beside the crap ones, all nearly play the same, DA is just the most expensive one and i cant let money waste.

Mousepad: Corepad Eyepad, also own a steelpad 5L and a roccat Taito, all are fine imo.
How many years you play Q3A? Inet: Summer 2005
How many years you play E+? Inet: Summer 2005

#1 Tell us about yourself and about your hobbies, what you do in your free time when you are not in ‘’Quake World’’…, like your work…studies…girlfriend…or your dream, how old are you? : >

well, im a student, still going to school, girlfriend none, the girls over here are nuts mostly, honestly. hobbies? well, playing quake ofc, spent most of my time not just playing quake, but also learning how to aim proper, react proper, equipment expirience etc. I basically play any game which is supposed to be good, so will end up playing SC2 and Mafia2 the next months.
beside that and chilling in the inet, I play trumpet (surprise! Tongue) or im at friends, doing this and that, watching film and smoking weed. Ofc if somebody ends up having free stuff, but not on regular base and NEVER alone (alone will just fuck you up, honestly). I'm not very sporty tbh, my knees aint that good and i have a bit of asthma that’s mostly fixed due to playing trumped since years.

#2 What is your favourite beer ? and your record in litres to drink beer? And your favourite food?

beer? Andechser Doppelbock Dark
7.1%, u drink one on full stomach and u feel great, u drink one on empty stomach and your drunk, u drink 2 and the party can start. record in litres? that’s a damn good question, since alc tends to let u forget the count, I just can say I wouldn’t go over 3.5 litter of this one within a 4 hours, drunk 3 and was pretty done.
favourite food? sure, i like pasta and stuff, but i prefer bread, like toast, since its fast and you have tons of stuff u can put on. But to be specific, I prolly prefer toast with some cream cheese, tomatoes, salt, pepper and garlic (u can leave the garlic and the salt if u have a date or problems with the kidneys) alternative would be toast + butter + tomatoes + balsamic vinegar (black) and pepper, but that tends to make your fingers dirty Tongue

#3 Tell us a bit more about your gaming history, like when you started to play Q3A and E+?

that’s a difficult question, u might say i started off 2003 or 2004 playing on my bros pc, single player and so on, he taught me strafing before i could do anyshit, neat! Big grin
E+ since i tried quake3 online Happy first server was e+, bro freeze, Firefox told me to download the mod, which i didn’t since it was my brothers pc. I started playing E+ seriously as my bro got me a pc for 30 euro, from a friend of him, athlon 1800+, 256 mb sdram and a geforce 2 mx 440, solid for that price in summer 2005. Happy so summer 2005 it is to be exact.
On another note, I play shooters since I am 8. Played some Duke3d or DooM at that time ;o)

#4 Why you choose a Skullhead as nickname in game?

This nick is prolly from 2003, people might wonder why there is a head after skull, the problem is, as i started e+, my English was very bad, fixed up some words together with German grammar, that’s it. so out of no reason i can remember, i put those damnit head behind the nick, as if skull wouldn’t be bad enough already Big grin I wont keep this nick however.

#5 What’s your favourite word in game? And quote?

never thought about it, but I’ll go for the most obvious one, "gg".
even though people tend to spam it a lot without thinking about it, its really the most important word in this whole game, even if you cant speak good English, a gg still tells people how you felt about the finished map, if you cant call out a gg, stuff wasn’t fun, that’s why gg should just used be wisely. I call out gg if the game wasn't one sided and I played great.

#6 What was your first feeling when you saw Q3A game and you started to play it? Also why you started to play this game and not other?

I was pretty uninformed about the actual shooters out there on the net and I watched my bro playing defrag (i still remember his battle with the nihilant, where he still has a record saved faster on runkull) also i liked the fact that the weapons always shoot where you aim, on any speed and the really fast game play, because camping bores me to death. I have a bit lack of concentration naturally based so permanent action was cool. Ended up playing single player until I could win nightmare bots ffa on dm6.

#7 And about E+ mod? What feelings you had when you discovered this mod for Q3A?

As I started playing online, people ended up on 2 kind of servers with ingame browser, e5 which was all about spam and shoot weapons fast, I nearly won one ffa by spamming just nades, people disliked it and it shows how unbalanced the config is.
On bro servers with instarail I felt really fine, eventhough i tried 2-3 rounds bfg first, I started using rail since I recognised, even though bfg is insanely strong, rail is instakill, so all I had to do was aim better, aim faster and the first one to react gets the kill. Pretty easy task And works against any enemy, all you need to do is being fast.
Second thing I recognised is, as faster I move, as less enemy’s ever will backstep me, so all I did was strafing at high-speed through the levels until I got better headphones.

#8 What would you like to change in Excessive Plus (E+) Mod ? what you like, what you dislike?

exchange E+ with edawn mod Laughing But keep the APM.

#9 And what you like or dislike in forum community? What would you like to change...etc-

A lot of many small things, but basically, since I was rank admin and always somebody to ask about other stuff, I kinda always said a word when E+ was bit off.
About the forum? maybe the ban function and the amount of admins. For example D4 shouldn’t have a team speak and their people should be banned from the servers, also I would welcome a structured development, because right now, beast and panda don’t really work together and have nothing to work on specific, they are free to fix bugs, but its not in any way needed for next E+ version. so if the dev doesn’t care about a Bug, he doesn't have to fix it.

#10 When you started to play Quake III Arena, which was your first clan? Tell us a bit about that clan.

well, within 1-2 months of being a silent warrior (you guys couldn’t imagine, there were days were I didn't say a single word in game, neither on forum) I joined tfc (the funny clan) which was under the lead of Sexy red aka bbs red. Today you would call it a garbage clan, just a bunch of guys who end up gaming together without train, you get informed about wars 10 mins before start and so on. but there were great guys in it, like Tyrant, Drill, Gladiator. Also greetz to Sexy Green/purplehain here.

#11 And about Soul clan:
-How come to you the idea to create a Soul Clan?
-Why you create it? And if the idea of making a new clan, get scared you at the beginning?
-It was difficult to find players for the new Clan?
-What about the CW FW and Trains, it was difficult to start with the new squad to make fun wars / clan
wars? And if you trained with clan squad many time to get it perfected in tactic?
-Why you put name Soul to your clan?

I had problems with lime train and talked with weebl (co ld) behind tyrants back at train cuz of train methods (tyrant was teaching basics, while I had the oppinion people should find that stuff out themself it they really want to be good) , they enforced a punishment of me not being allowed to play a few wars, so I left after nearly getting kicked. I created soul with the purpose to be a better clan then Lime, I was full of energy for such stuff back in the days.
About the players, i had lion who helped me starting off (greetz to him, i miss him though :[ ) and idk, my best friend, also adi, being a solid base of already expirienced players.
About the name, it was the coolest thing I came up in that moment.

#12 Your best moments in the clan? Some special person in? some unforgettable moments? Some fw/cw that make you lose nerves? Or Maybe secrets? : >
And your most memorable / funny thing you temember from a game in e+?

Best moment? a lot of moments, I had definitely most fun in soul clan, I simply can't forget the cw vs drt, where i played my ass off and managed to do great, but we still lost. And even if I loose my nerves on a cw I get them back very fast. Person? IDK ofc, my best real life friend who I know since first class of school, we played halo on xbox like masters offline, finished all levels on legendary and multiplayer was hack of a kickass, we basically did nothing else before we played quake. right now hes down in the kitchen cooking pasta for us :] . The most funniest situation was a pummel vs marcus on guardpost on a e+pickup, have the demo somewhere.
about the clansecrets, Soul was known to be unbeatable strong on cpm14, all that one was about starting off on red armor, moving yellow, rocket, lg, red armor, using the middle to attack.
The sense behind this is nothing more then as faster people move, and if they all move one way, people will always end up meeting their teammates helping them. ofc it was highly affective vs a hunter from behind but with the time, we simply were able to use the tactic all time.

#13 When you started to play E+, which for you was the strongest clan at that moment? And what you think about it?

Well, the first strong players i met were Evol.Wax and Evol.Xab (greetz to both of them), Evol was a great clan, I wanted to be in, but you needed to be 18, so never was in it.
Beside that, KO maked all the pro moves, didn’t really know much of it, since I wasn’t reading forums at all for a whole year.

#14 What you think, which is your favourite clan at the moment in Plus side? And in Rail side? Some clan that you think that have all chances to be in first place in plus rank? And in rail rank? Also which is
your favourite player in E+? and why.

favourite clan? the underdog.
I don’t have a specific one, but I'm always on the side of the one with lesser chances to win the top. Anyways, the situation is kinda open for any clan which is willed to improve a lot to take the first place, in both ranks. Also neither mr nor f2b is going to be like before i left E+, so cant say a good damn about it, prolly because Laktos Mirc Kiku and Me left, it all fucked the balancing between all clans.
Player? in history, TorZelan, right now, prolly Marcus if he didn't leave E+ too. Marcus is just the incarnation of somebody made for E+, hes fast, flexible and after all, cool. About TorZ, he simply impressed me the way he played, watch some demos to know why.

#15 What you do to be a pro? and what ways you go to be so good as now?

What you do and what you train…And make some suggestions for new players in Arena scene if you can.
First of all, I'm known for my Aim, drill gave me the hint with the gauntlets and the sens, TorZelan explained me the rest. Ofc defrag/movement experience helped a lot.
I variated the Gauntlet train, made a few own distance map for training and always trained them up to 40 frags, 100% accuracy. If somebody is really willed to be pro in E+, he'll think about ways to train himself, as I was training bfg jumps on local server back in the days.

#16 How is that that you have so big knowledge about the game?

I'm capable of memorizing stuff I heard just one Time and combinate them in my head within a few seconds, as long as I'm interested in them, so I ended up knowing a lot due to reading forums, googling, being linked by other gamers and so on. Ofc being used to console before I ever played online was cool and helpful.

#17 What gives you the drive and desire to catch cheaters, and prove methods of cheating?

Fair play, also its one of the aspects I need to call out a 'gg'. I simply hate the fact people are not willed to be good on their own, they aren’t interested in competition, but in score, people who just play for rank are such persons. I play for skill not for score.

#18 What is your personal record in frags? And in score (thaw + frags) ?

Freeze? oh, hard one, over 70, but score always ends up lower since im a good teamplayer, but a bad scorer. Score was 114 imo.

#19 Do you participate in some official championships?

Not yet Tongue

#20 What you think is necessary for E+ to become a popular mod and have sponsors and official championships?

Fixed bugs and people inside the community with money willed to do such stuff, as soon as you have enough cups with prices, you might have something, but don’t forget, since E+ is totally outdated, no big bucks, like Alienware or so, will jump in. If, then you'll find help from gamer gadget producers.

#21 Do you play Quake Live? What you think about it?

I played the beta, but recognised the netcode is messed, and then, they managed to get it even worse which totally fucked it up for me, so no thx, while I still played E+.

#22 Or other mods like CPMA…OSP?...

both, OSP and CPMA. Osp as there was still some activity, switched to Cpma afterwards. I totally ended up playing clan arena or pickup, but no 1on1. due to my unbalanced gamestyle I never immigrated good, just imagine somebody with all aim but no brain, while cpma is way more about brain, but most pickup guys just use tactics that just work if enemy doesn’t have aim. so heh, no idea if I'll ever learn it.
Cpma was the main reason I switched from lowsens+ Accel to no Accel, since shafting was necessary and kinda the most badass weapon with xerp.

#23 Why you decided to leave E+? and when you decided to leave…you mentioned Soul was the best clan; why? : >

I toyed with the decision for a long time, but the moment E+ started to become more and more unplayable, I knew i had to leave as soon as its time. I could have quit after the win vs Mr, since it was the climax point of my last month, but toxic pleased me to stay 1 match more. However, with Soul stuff was more about a challenge, and I also felt proud as clanleader of such great members and the times were better.

#24 You will play another Mod…or another game?

I will continue gaming all the games/mods I played before (98% quake), just without E+, I might start some ql though.
However, I also have to do a final finishing vid about my E+ time, but that still takes a lotta time :F 3gb of demos suxx Smug

#25 Will you come back some day?

The only thing which make me come back would be my friend IDK joining back into the game. All other possibilities are prolly a no.

#26 What mouse do you use right now? Tell us about your mouse settings? And how old is it? It was difficult to set up the sensitivity to feet your needs in game?

Razer Deathadder, but just because its the most expensive mice I own, cant let it be waste Happy. I have this mouse since a year now? prolly a bit longer, early 2009. About the sensitivity, well, I test sensitivitys on the fly and can play with anything that is good enuff. however I still have no idea which of my mice is practically the best, just the deathadder has this limitless accurate acceleration. All other info is in my Cfg.

#27 What mousepad you use? Its good for your mouse? And how old is it? : >

Corepad Eyepad, since a good damn long time, no idea if I ordered it before I had the deathadder or after, but could also be the w33d that creates fog in my mind X.x . However its quite worn out now. If it is to dirty, the deathadder sometimes looses traction ( unlike the mie or wmo or mx310 ). The only positive about it now is its thinness and the size, because it cant worn out even more.

#28 You think the gaming gear is important to became a top player? Or this is just a fairytales…anyone can be the top player with wireless mouse and LCD monitor and bad internet connection?

depends on the game, I don’t think you need a good mouse to be minesweeper pro. or icy tower master. In E+ and any shooter that’s a bit complicated, good hardware pays off. I mostly quote TorZelan on this part, as long as ur Hardware doesn’t set u Limits, your fine.

#29 Tell us about your equipment hardware for gamer.

125 fps (so fast enuff hardware)
solid crt
solid keyboard (note, old ones work out best mostly, I managed to get a cheap keyboard broken by gaming and typing.)
big stuff mousepad (the glide aint really that important, but it should be convenient for your wrist. )
mouse with tracking up to 2.5 m/s linear.
good headphones

thats all u need to be limitless mostly. Any state above will just apply for big finals like quakecon (for example helicopter headphones).

#30 What you think about q3config.cfg, this file should be performed to see and play better this game? Some commands that really affect on the gameplay ‘’in good way’’ of course, and in ‘’bad way’’?

its a very complex file, and I just know the lazy settings, I never experimented with r_mapoverbrightbits for example. And I also prefer to quote TorZelan here, any setting that doesnt limit you is fine. as long as u are focussed and predict and hear good, enemy models and weapon binds is all that’s needed. fulldetails ftw!
But always know enough about your config is a good thing, for example I never would set xp_nobobbing 1, it causes some odds, so I just have cg_bobroll and cg_bobpitch 0. Anyways, download my config, its "limitless" from my experience. I posted it for this purpose, to gave everybody a good base. ( Imo I knew I would quit soon as I posted it.)

#31 Ok so Thank you for the answer our many questions, do you have some last words to add? Or thanks to someone? Or some suggestion?

however I would like to have stuff more interview like, this feels like having a multiple choice test. ;o)

Greetz to:

the soul crew
the bnt crew
the s!soul crew
the f2b crew

And any other nice guy I met in all this time.

You know, I always think I'll forget something anyways. Like the missing rope in the backpack if you need it. So that’s why I end here without further thinking, I would end up writing a book Big grin

Yea last week we had a cool night party on teamspeak! asphyx epsilon voodoo and grim sing a song!
we talked a lot about interesting things! we was 15 persons in Tongue lets do it again! Smug
and as missi said lets make a cup who is the best e+ singer Smug



Thank You for


D@|¯K@NGE|_ and B|_ACK|¯OSE

Gloria Mōmentum
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

“There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”
—Ernest Hemingway

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Re: Excessive+News [14.09.2010]

Ty for very interesting interview Skull:) Sad that i didnt know about your birth:( Anyway HB and i wish you all the best in this life:) Hope you will return some day:p

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Re: Excessive+News [14.09.2010]

Happy See you around Skull

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Re: Excessive+News [14.09.2010]

F2B is looking for players Winking

weed  <3
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Re: Excessive+News [14.09.2010]

ohh good news ;D
and thanks for leaving... i always hated you

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Re: Excessive+News [14.09.2010]

Good Job as always! nice interview.

Skull don't get too lazy with this quit and comeback!

Who will win the next f.u.c.k. 1v1 cup??
P.S. to skull: i wanna play SC2 with ya! Happy or at least add me: Epsilon CC:425

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Re: Excessive+News [14.09.2010]
weed  <3 wrote:

ohh good news ;D
and thanks for leaving... i always hated you

true words weed<3 (Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)

haha nice really nice to hear that u r leaving e+ [censored] that best day who e+ ever had

The belife that there was nothing and then nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything.

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Re: Excessive+News [14.09.2010]

n1 again! big up:]

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Re: Excessive+News [14.09.2010]

thank you all Happy we are happy you like our news Happy
and pls dont make a flamewar here about skull Happy

Gloria Mōmentum
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

“There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”
—Ernest Hemingway

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Re: Excessive+News [14.09.2010]

awesome! Nice interview, nice words skull, and... CONTINUE WITH THIS DARKY Happy

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Re: Excessive+News [14.09.2010]

good job rozyk <3 and gj darky

@ skull.... i hope we meet us on msn or teamspeak sometimes...sad to hear it ....but i wish u anyways good luck and have fun in your reallife or in other games...

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