Digit resigns

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Hey guys, I have decided that I am going to part ways with Wasp. I truly have enjoyed being in the clan, and may return someday soon. But as of right now, I have an itch to try and start my own clan. If that doesn't work out I may remain clanless for awhile, or I may return to you, if welcome. Thanks for all the great matches, and thanks Killer for being a wonderful leader.

[19:39:33] [@di[g]it] A payee receiving a traveler's cheque should follow its normal procedures for depositing cheques into its bank account: usually, endorsement by stamp or signature and listing of the cheque and its amount on the deposit slip. The bank account will be credited with the amount of the cheque as with any other negotiable item submitted for clearance.
[19:40:05] [@Torzelan] too many usa words
[19:40:15] [@di[g]it] bank take check
[19:40:20] [@Torzelan] k thx
[19:40:21] [@Torzelan] Big grin

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Digit resigns

Thanks for being a great member and sub-leader. I truly appreciated your recruitment efforts and your exemplary dedication to the Clan's Practices and Matches.

On a personal note, I applaud your professionalism for giving me a heads up on resigning and staying around for our CW with NWC.

Good luck with your plans and stay in touch.

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Digit resigns

Good luck dude.

¿Quién crees que soy? Algún tipo de IDIOT? D: