Clan Forum, TS & Webspace Requirements + Information

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Clan Forum, TS & Webspace Requirements
For your Clan to qualify, it must have the following attributes:

1. Clan must be registered in Clan DB for 30 days +
2. Clan must have 3 registered users in Clan DB
3. Clan must have played in Clan Rank within 30 days of registering in ClanDB*

Clans will receive:
-Public & Private Forum with Clan Statistics & Results

-Teamspeak Channel - (PM for password & moderation details)

-Webspace - (On Request)

Remember: A Clan not in the ClanDB is assumed Dead. Clan Leaders/Webmasters, please try to keep up-to-date.

If there is a change (ie. Clan Statistics or Results Links), please notify as they are displayed on the front of the Clan's Forum.

*New Rule Implemented: 28th January 2007

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