Absolute recruiting.

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After little period in absolute clan has selected concret squad of people who want to be members of that community and who want to build it together. The rest who realised to not have anytime nowadays or the rest who gave up in hard times has left clan. Nowadays we need some people. To help with any doubt I am quating main rules that You could find on our own public forum.

[x]noshit-abs- wrote:

Absolute is searching for people. Here You've got rules which are base in our recruiting system. You could also post willingness of joining or contact with members personally.

Main rules!
Searching guy has to:
- be friendly, loyal, gently person
- be skilled player (we are interested in anyone who has potential in playing)
- treat the game like a fun and relaxation in good company that we are creating
- be seen like he wants to build clan, devellop it
- be strong person that are not getting down and give up after few lost games, trying to solve the problem ( not by leaving the clan and searching 'better one')
- be talkative with the other members (of course it's not such a big obligatory; everything is connected with normal comunication between clan members)
- play fair in game what means not to use any cheats
- be active member who has minimum 2 evenings per week that he could play the game

* could have own game style ( spaming, camping, whatever else what brings results)

Absolute hopes to find such a person in excessiveplus! community and to have fun playing together with him/her/them

Absolute inviting You to JOIN!