The Etulo live in Central Nigerian states of Benue and Tabaka. They are predominantly farmers and fisherman.

The Etulo were given to idol worship. They believe that there is no natural death as every death is caused by witches and wizards. Unfortunately, there are many evil witches in the country with all its consequences. With the background of farmers and fisherman, the Etulo are from good nature.
In secret, there is a struggle between good and evil. Because it involves witches and wizards, it is not noticed by the normal population.
These days the evil witches, also known as bitchwitches (bitches), are improved with the ability to brainwash some of the good witches.

It is up to Etulo to exorcise the evil witches and make Nigeria safe again.


  • Wizards
    • .ETULO || LLAW <<
    • .ETULO || KCAH <<
  • Witches
    • .ETULO || TOHSOTO <<