E+ @ PlanetQuake

Today i visited that site to see how things are going on and:He, i totally forgot what i did, before Christmas Happy, i asked and they placed it on web. I think describe isn't at latest stage, but i think more or les fits OK, main thing - mod was accepted. And now lists at first place of quake3 mods list. That was main point.

As i see it got some attention, hmn for now i wonder how can i improve and do that small place more attractive (will if its possible to add some images or something).

And I'm open for better shorter or simply cooler describe to replace existing one, bear in mind planetq have mr.pants mod section, and its pretty well made.

Plus, i see there's some portfoplio section.. need to use it too somehow.


And off course, to maintain listed at top, Please vote/rate it at highest score.