Rent 2 rooms (up to 2x2 beds) appartment in Paris, 2mins walk from Sacré Coeur / Montmartre

Hello Everyone,

As some of you know, my name is Antonin and I live in Paris, France.

I'd like to let you know that my girlfriend and I are renting our 2 rooms flat at the 7 D'orsel's street 75018 Paris (the famous parisian cloth seller street with St Pierre's Market), 2 mins walk from the Sacré Coeur - Montmartre.
You can also easily walk 5-10mins to reach these points :

  • Pigalle/Place de Clichy with Moulin Rouge, Sexshops, cheap bars/pubs
  • Gare du Nord
  • Gare de l'Est
We'd like to rent it starting from now till September 15th, for 1 or 1+ week vacations.Talking about prices, we decided to rent it for those prices :
  • 300€ for 1 week
  • 540€ for 2 weeks (10% discount)
  • 720€ for 3 weeks (20% discount)
  • 900€ for 4 weeks (25% discount)
  • Tell me if you stay longer, I'll make a nice offer Happy
As this is my personal flat, I'll ask you for a 200€ deposit as a waranty for me, you'll have to pay the whole price on the first day. Last point, as this is a hand to hand activity, I'll only accept money.

/* EDIT 08/03 12:45 */

The apartment is 27 square meters !

/* EDIT 08/05 1:30 */

In case you guys get a bit afraid by the little mess, everything will be cleaned up before any stay !
Also haven't posted a picture of the shower because of the small bathroom not allowing me to show it full hehe.

This flat is composed of :

  • 1 bedroom offering a double bed
  • 1 living room composed of 1 sofa convertible into a double bed, one small but full-working kitchen corner (I can go shopping for you before you come if you want)
  • 1 WC / bathroom with a shower and a washing machine
  • TV and iNet access included (yes you can go P2P Big grin)
  • Highly secure and calm flat (reinforced door with key and magnetic pass, only 1 neighbor at night)
Our flat is very well situated, you can grab each of these subways by <5mins walk : Mº2 (Nation - Porte Dauphine) & Mº4 (Porte de Clignancourt - Porte d'Orléans). You're only far from only 1 subway station from Gare du Nord which is one of the biggest station in Paris, including :
  • Train station Gare du Nord with trains such as the Eurostar
  • Mº4
  • Mº5
  • RER (train) B (Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport - Orly Airport), E
  • One RER station away from Châtelet - Les Halles (center of the city) to go straight to Marne-la-Vallée Parc Disneyland and an additional 5 subways and 2 RER.
Anyway, Paris is not a big city, you can easily cross it by 30mins of subway/train.
Of course, I, as your local guide, would be pleased to give you tips, routes and warning about living in the capital of France.

Also, I would help you reserving tickets for theater, cinema, musicals, opera, plane, train with pleasure.

Thank you for your patience reading that long thread, this offer can apply to any of you or of your friend/family or people you know.

Best regards,

Antonin - ZMB Epykoi Happy

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Re: Rent 2 rooms (up to 2x2 beds) appartment in Paris, 2mins ...

still vacant ? sacre coeur... it will B fckn sweet 2 visit that place again at night, awesome view... (and whole those ppl at stairs hehheh who where there catch my mind)november after 15th... (date might float) it will B longered weekend 4-5 days... 2 persons stake the same as for week. let me know by pm if U're interested.greetz.

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