WASP and WASP2 now merged

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Hello WASP members and E+ Community,

Effective immediately WASP2 is no more. 12 of the 13 current WASP2 members are now members of WASP's Americas Division. The Clan will have a European Division, although Term is the only member at this time and also generally inactive.

The Clan will retain the Black and Gold and the Black and Green Tags for now. A new clan tag is likely to happen by or before the Summer.


A new leader will be recruited for the Americas Division and also for the European Division. Both leaders will have complete authority over the management of their Divisions and are not subordinate to each other.

Term and I will not interfere in either Division's management unless a leader abandons his division or fails to keep it active.

Anyone interested in either position please PM me.


The WASP2 Public and Private Forums will be merged into the existing WASP Forum. This may take some time so remember to post to the WASP Forum only from now on. A copy of this post is in the WASP Forum.


This announcement has been under consideration for months and was timed to occur with my planned decision to voluntarily step down as leader of WASP and WASP2.

For more about that read this post.