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.::Plus Ranking Rules::.

1. Plus ranking rules should be taken in compliance with general ranking rules.

2. Banned Players and Trial Clan members are not allowed to play ranking games.

3. A forum non-registred members cant take part in any ranking game.

4. Players have to play under official nicknames they registered within a clan database.

5. During Clanwar, PURE and PUNKBUSTER must be ON.

6. Minimum allowed amount of players on Clanwar is 3v3.

7. Each Clan picks one map as their own to be played in CW.

8. Clans can chose their maps from official war map list, if clan wants to pick other map, maplink should be given at least 1 day before cw will be played.

9. Clans can't pick the same map as their enemy.

10. When 2 maps were played and it's tie, then 3rd map has to be played.

11. 3rd map (tie map) must be accepted by both Clans.

12. Each Clan can take only 2 timeouts per map, 3rd leads to WO in case opponent disagree.

13. WO is not considered as ranked match, due to no match played.

14. Same two clans can't play CW at one gametype twice in a row (it's allowed in case event forces them to).

15. A referee should be on the server, guide a clan war and record MVD.

16. Every played game has to be reported by winner at the plus ranking section.

.::Report Topic Rules::.

In case of game being valid and ranked, a report post must include:

    - Cupname in case of event's game.
    - Date of the game.
    - Clan names.
    - Map names & scores.
    - Gametype.
    - Timelimit.
    - Server name.
    - Punkbuster (on/off).
    - Pure (on/off).
    - Ref+ name.
    - Attached screenshots and MVD's.

-Topic starter shouldn't flip the scores, winner is always left and looser is always right.
-MVD's could be posted by a referee.


TNT vs AIM ; Fps vs Seebz ; Benedykt vs Beki ; IS vs ELITEZ ; GBR vs FFF.