E+ Mouse Speed

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I find that whilst playing that the mouse speed changes making it a pain to play. I get it to a speed that feels fine, play a bit online, then I join another server or the map changes and it suddenly the mouse feels very loose such that I cannot aim properly - like writing with a rubber pencil. What might cause this - maps, servers, WinXp, the mouse driver? I am currently using an MS Habu but it's the same with my G5.

In E+ I need to have a one notch increase in mouse sensitivity via Q3 settings else I can't turn quick enough. Apart from that, I set everything in the mouse driver. I can adjust sensitivity from the extra Habu mouse buttons but that seems not to get it right either - it is still too loose. How it finally gets back to what's okay, I do not know. Maybe another server setting or a WinXP reset puts it back or whatever. I do know it's bloody annoying.