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EQ: Ssshh.. I'm not here.

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): for 0 picmip users / highest texture settings -> https://www.mod... this new texture pack is amazing, just extract the pk3's to your mod folder or baseq3 for all mods

mickey :): KMP hahaha Big grin
goOd shot!

q3fun: Hello!

.malombo'unt: Hello q3fun, SK, Fubar!

.malombo'unt: Winrar congutulations again on ur victory! Handsome wish all the best for the future)))

.malombo'unt: enemy is beer me no vodka)))

booper.: Dont even talk about that xD the amount of times I've done that.

KOMPR3SSOR * 3U: that weird moment when you are seeing a quake video in youtube and you press TAB to see who's online xD

mickey :): old good times Happy

|¯FC_| Suchspeed<-: Yo Happy