All Shouts

orphy with the wind: Good vibes fam, good vibes! Hope you guys are doing fine. Peace

o|_dskoo|_: *giving jabs a suspicious stare*

Jabs: a family of dysfunctional paranoid maniacs.

echooo ^: excessiveplus is like a family Happy

KOMPR3SSOR * 3U: u guys are welcome to join back Happy we are ready to play some games the ones who never left Winking

AOC * UNDER!: good old days..

HAMMER OF BORG: leito long time no see , come back to quake ..

Leito: E+ is the best FPS experience ever. I miss it Big grin

3l: you guys maybe old thаn me

KINZO: Tongue

[MR.]FRRR: <3

THC * MISSILE: I'M baaaack xD
Thx FRRR !!

[MR.]FRRR: Check your pm missile, cheers.

THCmissile.: hello ! can I get back my old acc? I just forgot password login email Oo ... I wasn't here a looong time Happy

3l: why not mb 10x10 today?
! Freon !
go play)

[MR.]FRRR: Yea, why not

[mr.]swavol: anyone want 2v2 freeze tag match?