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EQ: Thanks alot for that info epsi!! Happy I was starting to think I was crazy and that there were no boss there even. Had been running around for 30 min after killing all the underlings. Problem now is I have way to little health and used my nuke earlier. Guess

epsiplayer: You can summon the Boss on the pentagram there.Happy Hunting! Happy

epsiplayer: Oh the Temples of Retribution.. EQ have you tried in the cave of the dragon under the square courtyard? Or if not you can go up the heavenly stairs in the hall of the doomed, it migth be there, the key leads you in the pit dungeon of the under the hall.


EQ: Anyone know where to find the key to the boss in dm7?

troll-e: glad to see some of you still here, our place Happy

q3fun: i have beer, go play on freon!

eu.jeff: Happy 2019!

EAZY E: ok i got it Big grin

EAZY E: anyone know the command for location and health team players frame what is showing on right bottom corner? Forgot it. Thanks

· V :3 n 0 m ·: elo there

V1979: Happy New 2019 Year!!!

V1979: Happy New Year 2019!!!

q3fun: Happy New Year Europe and all e+ ppl!

EVILUTION: yo excessive people, long time no see, Happy new year, hope you all have a great one Happy

Lir: Lmao, if anyone see Zus, tell him his cat has been found pls.
Happy New Year !

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): https://www.exc...
Happy New Year e+ Happy

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): stick around stikkan , ull get your mojo back Happy

epsiplayer: HappyNewYear e+! Happy