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hyper*deky: hello e+ xd

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): Come beat odi before he gets back in shape Tongue

odi: ! Freon ! :: Duel :: ! day with duel back to old days E+ come all

onlyrailgunlmao: halo, halo

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): odi ask dsk to pm me i got hes password

odi: ! Freon ! :: Duel :: ! ! Freon ! :: Duel :: !

odi: anyone freon duel?

odi: what password is for freon duels servers??? ! Freon ! :: ShOot Out :: #4 send me pm

KOMPR3SSOR * 3U: who wants to play 1vs1? Big grin

oj: F.Y Idijot Baned=no soryy= no excuse me

oj: excuse me

oj: Soory

oj: tigerLilly [-]=kutas

GREEN: Stop drunk bopoh stop it

superbad!: xD

q3fun: Only say it's CUP rly original quake3 CUP, FIRST REALY CUP ON EXCESSIVEPLUS

q3fun: Me kill jabs mb, now mb me kill malombo - will be fun!

q3fun: HELLO ALL!! You want see me as pro? But i not try it years Sad But I try be I

Sha Re: easy+ and edy+ dindu nuffin