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JesperFastcat: Decided to pick up Quake 3 again after not playing for several years. Always loved Instagib and the way it requires serious fine tuning of reaction and timing. Very happy to see that E+ offers the same, plus a still active community!

2!S*BEAZT: Nana! Welcome back. Hope you stay with us. Iam trying small resurrection with old players. To play with nostalgia. Modern games sux, so we have to keep online this oldschool game/mod

JIVA: https://www.exc...
config xnature.cfg 1.0
maps classic pak0.pk3

JIVA: my blog update

NanamoOOon: nostalgia hit me one more time so here I am ... hello undeads!!!

oj: for counting, I suggest an Egyptian abacus - I have a ranking for mymsli

FUBAR*ELITE'Z: Best of luck Voron , i got my jag last Sunday as i'm an immunosuppressant

Voron: Hello! My result Immunoassay analysis (on COVID-19) - detected: IgM+IgG.

I think this is good news, it turns out I recovered without noticing the disease !!

JIVA: https://www.exc... now xnature.cfg
https://www.tig... maps

BEKI: Hi Mona. Happy