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FUBAR*ELITE'Z: You just aren't worth all the hassle , there are plenty of servers out there with bots who might listen to your vile behaviour

oj: banned-permanent ban what a dick does that

Voron: AW


bazz: Yo ! Noobing mostly on bf5,sometimes cod modern w on ps4 @nietopesz_wuhan

WOKY )NWC(: yo bazz 15 years too Happy what game did you play at console

bazz: 15 years registered,sounds creepy )

bazz: Convert this game with mod to ps console ))


Voron: I still HERE

WOKY )NWC(: hi fellas !

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): Try freon bf6 kafa

KaFa: Server still down Sad

KaFa: SpaceStation BF6 is down and cannot join the server. Someone please take care.

equinox: @musicNfun
either put them in quake3/baseq3 folder or just type in game console /cl_allowDownload 1 and try to join server and it will automatically download maps and other files

musicNfun: hi dudes, i would like 2 play servers with maps/ conf i dont have. can u tell me where 2 save them local?