This release concentrated on fixing all the reported bugs and glitches that were collected by the community over the last years but also many new features have been added.

Some of the outstanding new features might be the Quake Live physics including the cylindric hitbox, a new anti-cheat system to catch most of the annoying aim bots and auto-shoot hacks, including a brand new anti-wallhack system, the advanced callvote configuration giving server admins absolute control over their servers and the frame-rate independent physics to make the game generally more fair, especially to those with less powerful hardware/computer.

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echooo ^
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Hi foks
Yeee i know u mosty dunno who i'm am but this is not the point of this post i just wanne make some noise in e+ community coz it's rusted, and became bit old-fashon, i want to emerge 6-10(max) utimate e+ clans a tournament rail only but the final cfg is not jest been fixed but it schuld be similar

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Hello every1,
My time has come to let the next site admin in place for maintaining the content on this e+ community website. It was a great experience for me and i think for every1 in here to learn more about each other on how to help the community and not allow it to be disbanded.

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