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So, I thought I'd make a topic so Russian apologists (and others) don't have to hit and run shoutbox to make their case. Here's a great chance to make an actual statement Smug

My view:

Russia managed to turn back the collective security clock 25 years in one fell swoop with their anschluss of Crimea.* Now they want us all to believe they are saving us from right wing extremists in Ukraine. After the shoot down of a civilian airliner Putin is in dire straits, after all he has positioned Russia as a staunch opponent to terrorists, now he's supplying and supporting the destabilization of the Ukraine...I'm guessing he'll have to eat crow soon and just simply back off.

End result? The midget dicator managed to make NATO members out of every country ever so slightly sympathetic to Russia, even eternally neutral states like Finland and Austria know what's up now. Even Sweden is talking about actually raising a combat force now Big grin Well done.

* Make no mistake, it was entirely illegal. If the citizens wanted a separate state there were legal means to make it so...instead Russia pretended and sent troops with no insignia to make a fait accompli.