$$$ Earn money in a duel ???

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1. I will not have anything to do with your money.
2. I will only watch so that the loser paid the money to the winner.
3. Loser pays the money to the winner's account and gives me a check.

Payment must occur within a week. Otherwise, the loser gets a ban.

The win (or loss) in one battle is 0.1 $

Only players who have received the original CD-KEY are allowed to the server.

Are there any interested in the project?

I am the organizer of several events:
Railonly Freeze League 2012 (link)
RailOnly r4e09f TDM CUP 2012 (link)
Railonly Freeze League 2013 (link)
Railonly Freeze League 2014 (link)
Rail Resurrection Duel Cup 2015 (link)

Freeze Rail League 2016 (link)
PlusN TDM antiWH League 2016 (link)

I'm waiting from developers GetSS a workable system!

Blitz wrote:
Lazy bastards...