Calling for New Moderators

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Members & Fellow Gamers

I have observed in recent times that we have gone through some rocky periods. I apologise for my large absence but am satisfied that Spider & Beast kept the engine running.

Mistress and I thought it prudent to act in the interests of this Community given the issues that have arisen in recent times. With that being said, I would like to use this space as an opportunity for all members to contribute in discussion on who they would like to moderate these forums.

Expressions of Interest have been called for a new moderator team. I thank all those presently who have moderated the forums, and would like to give others the opportunity. Anyone interested in becoming a forum moderator or assist in ranking/clan moderation, please PM myself and Mistress.

There is far too much confusion and a lack of consistent standard. I have every intent to provide a much more positive experience on this site for all users.

Feel free to comment in this thread on who you would like to see moderate these forums.

Here is the updated mod list.


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