Benedykt, Trance, Kerl caught using wallhack

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A few days ago, attention was paid to the situation with the sound hacks, I'm quite strongly argued against the people involved in it (including Kaizen and the IS clan as a whole). Benedykt didn’t like it and in my address I got some bad sayings about - "you were a terrible rank admin and a horrible moderator". After that, I got the following message; it contained three screenshots, one of which showed usage of wallhack on my server.

Of course, played nicknames have been covered by green line and it wasn’t possible to recognize them. But cheaters didn’t cover date and time!

After that, I posted it in the cheater report topic just to check people’s reaction. In a small hope, I knew that my server was closed about 1-2 months ago, because my clan left e+, but I expected that the server logs could still be saved. I sent a message to A-Ones team and received a reply. Server logs were actually in safe and except nicknames of these players, logs also showed their very interesting correspondence.

You could check logs by following link I gave.
Here I just paste their correspondence.
Trance used a clan nickname so in the logs that symbols weren't showed. For your eyes I renamed him into "a3" as last symbols of his clan tag.

quit - benedykt
vr - Kerl
a3 - Trance

1065:09say: quit: hello again 2
1065:14say: vr: hi 0
1065:17say: vr: )) 0
1065:19say: vr: so 0
1065:29say: quit: lets check 2
1065:33say: quit: any error 2
1065:57say: quit: i can see only if you are #22near#22 2
1066:03say: quit: like atm 2
1066:10say: vr: one wall 0
1066:12say: quit: was jumping in wall xd 2

1066:32say: quit: 0 curnet violations 2
1066:46say: quit: i will make screens 2
1066:47say: vr: wee need to play 3-5 min mb? 0
1066:52say: quit: kk 2

1068:07say: vr: shoot us 0
1068:12say: quit: i had around 20 screens 2
1068:38say: quit: xzd 2
1068:56say: quit: xd 2
1069:00say: vr: loss 0
1069:03say: quit: need to change confif 2
1069:06say: quit: to my own 2
1069:13say: quit: cuz here is defealt Tongue 2
1069:24say: vr: u got lossss 0
1069:28say: quit: also Tongue 2
1069:30say: a3.: u have loss with wh? 1
1069:34say: quit: never played from windows D: 2 - ( LOL - link; )
1069:54say: a3.: make rate 25000 1
1070:01say: a3.: snaps 40 1
1070:06say: vr: rate 0
1070:09say: a3.: packet 125 1
1070:09say: vr: snaps 0

1070:54say: a3.: ^70^1=) 1
1071:03say: quit: xd 2
1071:11say: a3.: give it us 1
1071:36say: a3.: ^3*^1L^8o^1L^3*^2^2l^3o^2l^3*^4L^5o^4L^3*^6l^7o^6l^3* 1

1071:42say: a3.: cheater xD 1
1071:51say: quit: crouch with gautlets 2
1071:54say: quit: or move slowly 2
1072:00say: quit: i will find you all time 2
1072:02say: vr: no write in chat 0
1072:11say: vr: ts 0

1072:20say: a3.: Benek send it us 1
1072:27say: vr: in console - logs 0
1072:30say: vr: !!! 0
1072:51say: quit: easy Tongue some1 will show it to them after month or longer 2 (OLOLOLOLOLOL)

1072:54say: vr: some one look at log and see what we write))) 0 ( HAHAHAHHAHAHAH YES XDPLS)

1072:57say: a3.: Benek u use win7? 1
1073:01say: quit: yes 2
1073:06say: a3.: nice 1
1073:25say: quit: pls change weapons to gaunt 2
1073:32say: quit: and walk slowly or hide 2
1073:34say: quit: somewhere 2
1073:38say: vr: k 0
1073:42say: quit: iam at philars 2
1073:46say: quit: hide somewhere 2
1074:00say: vr: done 0
1074:34say: quit: zs 2
1074:35say: quit: xd 2
1074:39say: quit: trance do not walk d: 2
1074:40say: vr: damn 0
1074:42say: quit: hide 2
1075:26say: a3.: OK GO TO TS CHAT 1
1075:35say: a3.: BENEK 1
1075:54say: quit: do not work at win for me Confused 2
1075:57say: quit: maybe skype 2
1076:05say: a3.: OK SKYPE 1
1076:23say: a3.: MY NICK d_starex_b 1
1076:38say: quit: maybe we wait 2
1076:49say: quit: to end of map?> 2
1077:06say: quit: kk 2
1077:12say: quit: lets play this whole map Tongue 2
1077:15say: quit: 2v1 2
1077:16say: quit: kk? 2
1077:20say: vr: k 0
1077:20say: a3.: ok 1
1077:28say: a3.: teamready 1
1077:41Referee: 1 ready
1078:10say: quit: rxd 2
1082:33say: a3.: ^3*^1L^8o^1L^3*^2^2l^3o^2l^3*^4L^5o^4L^3*^6l^7o^6l^3* 1
1084:02say: quit: tp 2
1084:08say: a3.: go rsqt its most suka kurwa server 1
1084:23say: a3.: i have ref 1
1084:45say: a3.: Benek 1
1084:51say: a3.: Benek 1
1084:56say: quit: not from thic pc Tongue 2
1085:01say: quit: this Tongue 2
1086:13say: a3.: Benek 1
1086:14say: quit: i think time is enought 2
1086:18say: vr: y 0
1086:20say: quit: i go upload screenshots 2
1086:25say: vr: wait 0
1086:27say: quit: to show you 2
1086:30say: vr: just wait 0
1086:31say: quit: for? Happy 2
1086:34say: vr: aaa 0
1086:35say: a3.: upload this cheat suka 1
1086:36say: vr: k 0
1086:40say: quit: nope 2
1086:45say: vr: not in e+ forum 0
1086:55say: vr: yet 0
1086:59say: quit: upload and show via irc 2
1087:01say: quit: or skype 2
1087:07say: vr: skype 0
1087:07say: quit: from my minus 2
1087:09say: a3.: MY NICK d_starex_b 1 (Trance's nick, showed on rus facebook also)
1087:12say: quit: kk 2
1087:12say: a3.: skype 1
1087:15say: vr: go to skype 0
1087:19say: quit: i will be at ts soon 2
1087:24say: quit: need restarer 2
1087:25say: vr: k 0

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Re: Benedykt, Trance, Kerl caught using wallhack

Ofcourse there are already enough proffs for permanent ban, but I did a research and checked IPs.

Checking logs there are following IP/guids -

1047:29 ClientConnect: 0 \ip\\guid\9B34381D0CC9FF1EE06553D4CE075959\tld\BT\country\Bhutan\rtld\RU\rcountry\Russian Federation

1047:29 ClientConnect: 1 \ip\\guid\6FA2AADD0F74BAE9328A70575CF82BCA\tld\HK\country\Hong Kong\rtld\UA\rcountry\Ukraine

1054:26 ClientConnect: 2 \ip\\guid\DE56FA323968816FD5BF36C9A4B0C954\tld\PL\country\Poland

I checked beerfreezer stats and found Trance IP. Absolutely same IP and Guid.

Epsilon confirmed me Benedykts IP.

Kerls IP isn't confirmed yet. But he was ex-IS member and was also using name VR, so there are also no doubts about his personality.

Thx everybody for reading, GG Benedykt. If you weren't so dumb, you wouldn't send wallhack screens to the server owner. However, you told me, I was a bad server admin, so now when I found it was you cheating - you may change your opinion, enjoy your upcoming ban.

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Re: Benedykt, Trance, Kerl caught using wallhack

Moved post into public forum.

edit: by requests Ive attached screen with a link provided me by Aones team.

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Re: Benedykt, Trance, Kerl caught using wallhack

Sorry mate but this is not proof of a cheating during cw/fw and any other kind of public game... IMHO they can defence by "we were testing only" and that's enough... Anyway as we see this is possible to bypass e+ anticheat and pb, easy, by everyone who want to do it, why are we playing ranked games then? Isn't it pointless? Everyone can be called cheater now, especially top players who are included in testing anti cheat software, no offence just feelings:/

And even I walk through the darkest valley of the shadow of death I will be not afraid because I am the worst motherfucker in this place.

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Re: Benedykt, Trance, Kerl caught using wallhack

Anticheat doesnt detect wh. Wonder is it only Jumpsland PB because of empty file or any PB.
I hope they will be banned whoever they are.

- Gentelmans, we are dealing with someone here who has absolutely no life..
- How do you kill that which has no life..?

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Re: Benedykt, Trance, Kerl caught using wallhack
Rayden was here wrote:

Yes because we dont have PB kick to ban him aswell. You know how Rank works. Words are words i also test those files after came out, so what? I will ban myself?

no demo + no drop for suspected cheating screensho = no solid accusation = stick u'r "proofs" up your ass again fps.
and all 3 of them are nubs btw xd

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Re: Benedykt, Trance, Kerl caught using wallhack
equinox wrote:

no demo + no drop for suspected cheating screensho = no solid accusation...
and all 3 of them are nubs xd

Happy ban them .


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Re: Benedykt, Trance, Kerl caught using wallhack
kszksz wrote:


I understand you, but even if it was a single test in which I doubt - its banable. The matter is - he used cheats in multiplayer neither in single. And that's a banable case not matter on which server he played: beer, jumsland, zmb, mr 1-1, etc..

-C4-KOSZMIT wrote:

Anticheat doesnt report wh. Wonder is it only Jumpsland PB becouse of empty file or any PB.
I hope they will be banned whoever they are.

Koszmit, there were no empty pbsv.cfg, it had a standart ammount of variables (nudge, subdivisions, maxpackets, rate, etc..) which is for example setted now on ZMB server. On the c4 server, for example, I ve seen in pbsv.cfg a list of commands inclduing some cheatprotect ones (for example something like g_enableaimbot 1), but if his WH had command like that in what I doubt, he would just get a kick from server with a reason "disallowed CVAR". If PB on jumpsland didn't detect him, any other server PB wouldnt detect him as well. (as I said above, rest server PBs could detect only suspicious CVARs mentioned in pbsv).

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Re: Benedykt, Trance, Kerl caught using wallhack

fps you must be kidding Happy

If they are cheating, why are they still a bunch of newbies?

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Re: Benedykt, Trance, Kerl caught using wallhack

Please take in mind, LOGS showed us a info, recorded at Febrauary 2012, now is December 2012, even if it was a single test, it was nohow reported to rank admins, and would never be reported, if I didn't recieve screens because of his idioticy.

I can't say - all of them were cheating from February till now, I dont have evidences, but I have enough evidences including server logs, screenshots, Ip confirmations, and I can say absolutely sure he were cheating that day, and after that as logs show - he was going to give cheats to Trance and Kerl. Even if he didn't - its still a cheater support from their side.

Why is he noob you ask? Have you seen many pro-cheaters? I haven't. 90% of them using auto or wh would lose to good player I think. Evenmore, he's not so noob, he was playing pretty good and had stable aim which could be a wh result.

Anyway I don't want to make a flame and etc, all evidences I had - I posted here, by my opinion it's enough. Ofcourse some of you think the same, some different.

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Re: Benedykt, Trance, Kerl caught using wallhack

just don't know what to believe..