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Client Cvars & Commands

Excessive Plus has several new client cvars and commands, as well as some modifications to existing ones, which accounts for its many server side features. In this document you will find them all.

Variable list


- Sets a cap of FPS that you Q3 client will not exceed. Maximum FPS is 125.


- Sets a number of Megabytes (mb's) that your Quake 3 Client can use to load maps. Some maps need more memory. Maximum number is 128. Default is 56mb


- Sets your Display Refresh rate in Quake III. Do not exceed the Display refresh rate your monitor can handle. If you do not know what Display refresh rate your monitor can handle, do not use this command.


- This affects how your client processes the snapshots it receives.Normally the client compares one snapshot with the next and interpolates between the two.If you set this to a negative value, you can adjust the interpolation of snapshots to compensate for lag.The more negative timenudge you use, the more unsmooth other players will appear, but the less latency you will have.The hardcoded limit is between -30 and +30.You can use positive values of timenudge to affect snapshot interpolation with an opposite effect, making the game much smoother, although deliberately delayed.Timenudge only directly affects the latency of the incoming data and does not directly affect the data that you send to the server.
- A tip for using timenudge. If you are losing packets try adjusting timenudge until you get a thin blue line on your ping graph, at this setting it should give the feeling of a more smooth connection but just at the point where anymore nudge would be creating undesired prediction side effects and less timenudge, packetloss. Try to think of timenudge as a command which allows you to better sync yourself (when your connection is constantly bad) to a sever.



- Draws the enemy hitboxes on demos


- Changes type of shadows: 0 - disable shadows; 1 - simple round shadows; 2 - figured shadows


- Enables and Disables enemies blowing up and parts of them flying around


- Enables and Disables the notification of Rewards


- Removes marks, bullet holes, scratches and weapon fire effects from all terrains. Increases FPS


- Enables and Disables a HUD text that shows you how much FPS your Q3 Client has


- set to your average ping (this means also that you may need to change this value after you change server, to maintain the best experience). Default value is 0.

cg_projectilenudge is the new method of reducing lag and is compatible with delagged gameplay. When set correctly it enables you to assess when incoming projectiles are going to hit you in spite of your lag, enabling you to dodge them. It should be set to your average ping time (not half your ping like cl_timenudge). This enables a client prediction algorithm also, but for projectiles only and not for targets so you can hit them with delagged hitscan weapons.
Note that it is possible to use cl_timenudge together with cg_projectilenudge, but calculating to which values you should set them together is not intuitive and therefor not very practical, and aiming and firing hitscan weapons becomes more difficult too because you have to take the cl_timenudge value into account and lead (or even trail) your targets.


- Enables and Disables smoke from rockets


- Changes speed of the Console. Maximum working number is "999".


- changes default 3D HUD icons (weapon, ammo, head) and puts instead of them 2d.


- varies the number of seconds of center printed messages that block your visibility. All kind of messages eg. "You fragged xxx";"xxx joined xx team"; and other. "/cg_centertime 0" removes the messages completelly


- Enables and Disabled a animation in your HUD that shows your connection smoothness


- Changes your ingame name


- Fixes the aspect ratio of the HUD and HUD elements if the video ratio is not 4:3, for example if you use seta r_customaspect "1".

- Set


- Controls corpses' behaviour

- Bitmask: 1- fade dead bodys into dark; 2 - fade frozen bodys of enemy team into dark; 3 - filter dead bodys


- Set your country "GB" EN" "LT" etc.


- Changes your Crosshair color


- Delags followed players on demos, so you can know better what was the player seing locally


- Bitmask: 1- Machinegun; 2 - Shotgun; 4 - Lightning; 8 - Railgun


- Shows clients numbers near by name

- Bitmask: 1- Chats; 2 - Obituary; 4 - Tourney scoreboard


- Mouse cursor on the scoreboard which allows to choose players to spectate


- Toggles on/off the secondary window drawing on mvd playback


- Draws names of player when you point to him(only valid while demo or for team members)


- Controls printing information on screen

- Bitmask: -1- use old (engine) notify; 0 - disabled; 1- draw chat; 2 - draw frags; 4 - draw killstreaks; 8 - everything else


- Shows your ping ploter


- Shows Scores as a part of your HUD


- Shows your Speed as a part of your HUD


- Shows your stats in your HUD


- Shows game time in your HUD


- When you choose a weapon either by bind either by mouse scrolling by using the command it shows the Weapon grid and which weapon you selected


- Changes color of all enemy models, "2112" numbers represents four colors


- Changes all enemy models to the one you choose



- Enables and Disables your HUD (there are 1 to 7 presets)


- same as /name , but uses special excessiveplus codes for font


- Enables and Disables fancy names blinking


- Bitmask: 1- disables weapon bobbing animation; 2 - disables weapon switch animation; 4 - disables weapon firing knockback animation; 8 - disables damage kick


- Enables and Disables console chat beeps


- Disables /r_picmip cvar for this functions(bitmask): 1 - Lightning bolt; 2 - Plasma projectile and explosion; 4 - Rocket explosion; 8 - Grenade explosion; 16 - Bullet explosion; 32 - Rail trail; 64 - BFG explosion; 128 - Blood explosion; 256 - Smoke puff; 512 - Shadow marks; 1024 - Wall marks


- improves perfomance of rocket and grenade explosions


- Enables and Disables radio voice chat sounds


- Enables and Disables shotgun trail ingame


- Enables and Disables Snow Animation ingame


- Enables and Disables Voice Chat ingame


- Enables and Disables the new Grenade to the old one


- value of 0 enables damage-based hit tones; 1...5 - different hit tones


- old style scoreboard(v1.16...v1.31?)


- Put here a command, that will be executed on exit


- Enables or disables on-screen demo recording message


- Changes the default format of screenshot name, see below for the format:

$(rdate) 1999-12-02

$(date) 02-12-1999

$(time) 18-00-59

$(gametype) ffa, single, 1on1, tdm, ctf, rtf, 1fctf, ca, ftag, ptl

$(map) q3dm2

$(address) localhost-27960

$(servername) My-excessive-server

$(name) ExcessivePlayer

$(team) free, red, blue, spec

$(otherteam) none, red, blue

$(teamname) none, g_blueTeam, g_redTeam

$(otherteamname) none, g_blueTeam, g_redTeam

$(redteamname) g_redTeam

$(blueteamname) g_blueTeam


- Enables or disables own model for spectating player


- Changes the default format of record name, see below for the format:

$(rdate) 1999-12-02

$(date) 02-12-1999

$(time) 18-00-59

$(gametype) ffa, single, 1on1, tdm, ctf, rtf, 1fctf, ca, ftag, ptl

$(map) q3dm2

$(address) localhost-27960

$(servername) My-excessive-server

$(name) ExcessivePlayer

$(team) free, red, blue, spec

$(otherteam) none, red, blue

$(teamname) none, g_blueTeam, g_redTeam

$(otherteamname) none, g_blueTeam, g_redTeam

$(redteamname) g_redTeam

$(blueteamname) g_blueTeam


- Bitmask: 0 - disabled; 1 - ctf sounds; 2 - score sounds


- Restarts video in your Quake 3 Client to successfully save changed settings or simply if you changed gamma or picmip.

Command list


- Moves you to "away" mode in Spectators List. Once you join back any team your kills and score will not be reset to 0 but will remain same as when you used "/away". Time will be you pre-away time + all the time you where away

+vstr, -vstr

- Executes a variable command

countries, locations

- These commands show you what Countries/locations are other players in.


- drops weapon or item.


- same as /echo , but works for xp_drawNotify


- Shows you a list of available help


- Customizable user ingame interface(health,armor bars,weapons,etc.)

ignore, mute

- Ignores or Mutes a concrete Player. To ignore or mute someone look up there ID by pressing TAB and the ID number. Works like -> "/ignore 0" or "/mute 0". 0 is just a example.


- Invite someone to the locked team


- Join password to a locked team


- Lock a team


- value of 1 - /say; 2 - /say_team; 3 - /say_spec


- MOTD or "Message of the day". With "/motd" you can see the Message of the day on server


- during a tournament or after a match this command sets your status as not read


- shows players network settings in console


- during a tournament or after a match this command sets your status as ready

ref, referee

- command to be referee(refereePassword must be set on server)


- by "/say_spec" only spectators can see what you say.


- by "/say_team" only your team-mates can see what you say.


- shows scores


- Makes screenshot.Use /screenshotXP [ <tga | jpeg> [ <format> ] ] - > also see xp_screenshotDefault


- can take arguments like $(rdate) $(time) $(map) $(servername), and in config looks like seta xp_screenshotDefault "$(rdate)_$(time)_$(map)", will name it screenshot image with date time map name


- turn on spectator mode


- starts recording public multiview demo(MVD), demo from all players in server


- starts recording one following player demo


- shows you your stats


- Stops MVD


- sets ready status to all members in team


- same as ready then taken timeout


- stops, pauses game-play for a certain time

unignore, unmute

- removes ignore or mute on a player you have ignored or muted. To un-ignore or unmute someone look up there ID by pressing TAB and the ID number. Works like -> "/unignore 0" or "/unmute 0". 0 is just a example.


- unlock team if it was locked


- works for rcon only in spectators mode


- Added in Excessive Plus v1.0 (Mar 24 2004).Now removed


Excessive Plus has several features to improve your communication with your teammates, or just to spam on servers.

Chat Variables

There are some variables available that can be used in the normal, team or private chat messages.

Current health.

Current Armor.

Current ammunition for the currently held weapon.

Returns the closest item spawn (only weapons, armors, powerups, holdable powerups and mega health). If there is no item spawn close to you, it will return the location as visible on the team overlay.

The location you last died at.

The player name who last hit you.

The player name you last hit.

The last item you took (only weapons, armors, powerups, holdable powerups and mega health).

Like $(location) but reports only available items (no empty spawns) and includes dropped items.

If there are more than one item close to you and you want to report about a specific item to your team. This will return the item closer to your crosshair.

The closest available team mate. Obviously only works for team games.

/say_team Need support at $(location)! [H:$(health) A:$(armor)]

/say Next time I kill you, $(attacker)!!

/say Run while you can $(target)!

/say_team &gen_giveammo.wav Give me some ammo, $(friend)

Voice Chat

These are normal chat messages that additionally replay a sound to get the attention of other players. The sounds will vary depending on the sex of your model. You can colorize the following messages:

cover me
escort me
follow me
good shot
i will hold this position
take over this position

Usage: /say ^1Ha^3Ha

Radio Chat

These are normal team chat messages that additionally replay a sound to get the attention of your teammates. As with voice chats, the sound will depend on the sex of you model. You can colorize the following messages:

attack now
available tech
base is clear
base is overrun
cancel that
enemy fc is here
fall back and regroup
good work team
i have the quad
incoming attack
incoming quad
need defense
need escort
on defense
on offense
out of position
quad is up
requesting base status
standby to attack
waiting for the quad

Usage: /say_team Base is ^1OVERRUN

NOTE: Version 2.0a of Excessive Plus has a bug that disables radio chats and instead replays voice chats for both normal and team chats.

Q3F Radio Chat

These are the more complex type to set up. Basically, you can bind certain sounds with whatever message you want, being it normal, team or even private messages. The list of available sound files to replay are:

&def_depdisp.wav         Dispenser deployed.
&def_deppipe.wav         Pipe trap deployed.
&def_depsen.wav          Sentry deployed.
&def_dropflag.wav        Defend the dropped flag.
&def_fixsenty.wav        Repair our sentries.
&def_flag.wav            Defend our flag!
&def_flagdanger.wav      The flag is in danger.
&def_flagprimexit.wav    Flag outgoing primary exit.
&def_flagsafe.wav        Base secure.
&def_flagsecexit.wav     Flag outgoing secondary exit.
&def_iam.wav             I'm defending.
&def_incflag1.wav        Incoming flag.
&def_incflag2.wav        They're coming for the flag!
&def_incprimrte.wav      Incoming primary route.
&def_incsecrte.wav       Incoming secondary route.
&def_needsupp.wav        Requesting support.
&def_obj.wav             Defend the objective.
&def_wpt.wav             Defend the waypoint.
&gen_anytime.wav         Any time.
&gen_ceasefire.wav       Cease fire.
&gen_firehole.wav        Fire in the hole!
&gen_giveammo.wav        Give me some ammo.
&gen_gogogo.wav          Go go go!
&gen_goodbye1.wav        Goodbye.
&gen_goodbye2.wav        Goodbye.
&gen_halt.wav            Halt!
&gen_hello1.wav          Hello!
&gen_hello2.wav          Hello.
&gen_inpos.wav           In position.
&gen_isbasesec.wav       Is our base secure?
&gen_moveout.wav         Move out.
&gen_movepls.wav         Move please.
&gen_no1.wav             No.
&gen_no2.wav             No.
&gen_noprob.wav          No problem.
&gen_objcplt.wav         Objective complete.
&gen_objfld.wav          Objective failed.
&gen_oops.wav            Oops.
&gen_pass.wav            Pass.
&gen_reportin.wav        Report in.
&gen_sorry.wav           Sorry.
&gen_stop.wav            Stop!
&gen_unlucky.wav         Unlucky.
&gen_wait.wav            Wait.
&gen_waitord.wav         Awaiting orders.
&gen_watchfire.wav       Watch your fire.
&gen_yes1.wav            Yes.
&gen_yes2.wav            Yes.
&off_attobj.wav          Attack the objective.
&off_attsentry.wav       Attack the enemy sentry.
&off_attwpt.wav          Attack the waypoint.
&off_carrsupp.wav        Our flag carrier needs support.
&off_coverme.wav         Cover me.
&off_defhvy.wav          Enemy defense heavy.
&off_deflight.wav        The enemy defense is light.
&off_dephe.wav           Heavy explosive deployed.
&off_flagget.wav         Get the enemy flag.
&off_flaggive.wav        Give me the flag.
&off_flaghave.wav        I have the enemy flag.
&off_flagtake.wav        Take the flag from me.
&off_imatt.wav           I'm attacking.
&off_needsupp.wav        I need reinforcements!
&off_spotpipe.wav        Pipe spotted.
&off_spotsen.wav         Sentry spotted.
&tap_alright.wav         All right.
&tap_aw.wav              Awww.
&tap_goaway.wav          Go away.
&tap_goodgame1.wav       Good game.
&tap_goodgame2.wav       Great game.
&tap_myflag1.wav         My flag.
&tap_myflag2.wav         My flag, you can't have it.
&tap_nicecapture1.wav    Nice capture.
&tap_nicecapture2.wav    Nice capture.
&tap_nicemove1.wav       Nice move!
&tap_nicemove2.wav       Nice move!
&tap_niceshot.wav        Nice shot.
&tap_sneakybastard.wav   You sneaky bastard.
&tap_thatsucks1.wav      That sucks!
&tap_thatsucks2.wav      That sucks!
&tap_thegreatest.wav     We're the greatest!
&tap_wellplayed1.wav     Well played.
&tap_wellplayed2.wav     Well played!
&tap_werock1.wav         We rock!
&tap_werock2.wav         We rock!
&tap_yourmine.wav        You're mine!
&tap_yourock.wav         You rock!

Usage: /say &tap_sneakybastard.wav You sneaky bastard!

Disabling messages

You can disable all of these fancy features with the client cvars xp_noVoiceChat for voice chats, or xp_noRadioChat for radio chats. Use xp_noChatBeep to disable the chatbeep coming after each message.

However, if you don't want to disable them, but there is a chat spammer on the server you would like to ignore, you can use the /ignore (alias /mute) client command. This command accepts one parameter, which can be:

  • The ID of the client you want (you can see this ID printed on the scoreboard, or in the output of the /players command).
  • The string red, blue or spec to mute all members of the specified team.
  • The string all to mute everyone in the server.

Mutes will stay for the session. You can add something like unmute all to the xp_onExit cvar to unmute them at the end of the map.

Alternatively, to mute everyone on the server, you can just disable the printing of chat messages, by setting the right bits on the xp_drawNotify client cvar.


Simple demos
Excessiveplus demos are recorded and played from excessiveplus\demos directory.

Config below contains example key binds for recording demos and useful while playing them.
If you like it you can just copy and paste it into your own config file.
This config uses arrow keys so change them if these keys are already used in your config.

// DEMO PLAYERâ„¢ by Shudder
bind UPARROW "vstr recX"            //record / stop record
bind DOWNARROW "timescale 0"        //pause demo
bind RIGHTARROW "+vstr time3 time2" //play (fast forward x3 when pressed)
bind LEFTARROW "+vstr time1 time0"  //slow x2 (x10 when pressed)
bind END "vstr mvdX"                //record / stop MVD
set recX "vstr recON"
set recON "startrecord; set recX vstr recOFF"
set recOFF "stoprecord; set recX vstr recON"
set mvdX "vstr mvdON"
set mvdON "startMVD; set mvdX vstr mvdOFF"
set mvdOFF "stopMVD; set mvdX vstr mvdON"
set time0 "timescale 0.5"
set time1 "timescale 0.1"
set time2 "timescale 1.0"
set time3 "timescale 3.0"
seta xp_startrecordDefault "$(name)_$(rdate)_$(time)_$(map)_$(servername)"
//Demo will be named using variables
seta sv_fps 125
//When recording demo on localhost you need to put your com_maxfps value here
//for smooth playback.

To watch a demo from file you have a few options:
1) place it in your excessiveplus\demos folder, start Q3 and run it from menu (DEMOS).
2) use external program to run it for you with double click like seismovision or other (?)
3) use simple batch file to open .dm_68 file type:

@echo off
cd /D %0\..
copy %1 "excessiveplus\demos\temp.dm_68" /Y
start quake3.exe +set fs_game excessiveplus +timescale 0 +demo temp.dm_68
Copy this code, paste it to notepad and save as Demo.bat to your Q3 folder. When double click on demo file (.dm_68) for first time chose Demo.bat as a program that will always run this type of files.

Multi view demos (MVD)
Those demos are best for FWs or CWs. Recording makes one huge demo with all playing clients on server (while watching you can change and spectate everyone you like, like in real game).

Ref's and rcon's can make mvd's as they want and need, even if MVDs are forbiden for clients by server admins. In example config shown above you can record MVDs with END key.

Make avi videos in Quake3
Shortly: Record simple demo. Convert it to tga frames. Merge them to avi, using free software.

Convert the Q3 demo to .tga frames, make sure you have enough free diskspace, a long demo can easily eat up a few GB of data. Bring down the console and type: cl_avidemo 25, to record in 25 fps.

Start recording frames for you Quake 3 video, by typing demo demo1
Sit back and relax while the frames are beeing rendered. Setting cl_avidemo 0 will make demos run normal again.

When it's done, quit Quake 3 and you should find your recorded frames in the "\screenshots" directory as .tga files.

note: Quake 3 will output images in the same size as your Q3 screen resolution, a tip to speed up frame rendering of your video is to set it to low, for example 320x240.

Marge your frames into an .avi video
Download this freeware program: or check out Quake Video Maker if you wanna make more advanced movies.

- Start "pjBmp2Avi.exe" and select the path to your demo's screenshots folder in the directory field.
For example: "\screenshots".

- Change the file option from BMP to TGA. Now you should see a list of all the screenshots in the "files" field.

- Go to "Output"-options and select path and name of the avi you wish to create.
For example: "c:\film_time\my_quake_3_movie.avi"

- Click the create button. An select a video codec when prompted, click OK and the program will compile your .tga files to an avi.

- Poke your Orb action figure in the eye, practice sweeping moves with you mouse or come up with any other fun way to spend your time while your Quake 3 avi video is compiling. The window closes (hopefully) and you're done! Grab some snacks and sit back and watch your first Quake 3 movie!

Q3 avi making by Fredrik Olsson 05-08-06 20:38,
Thanks to Bluehair on Doom3Files for suggesting Quake Video Maker


Under construction.

You can highly customize the appearance of your HUD by the so called hud files.

The /hud your_hud_name command will load the file excessiveplus/hud/your_hud_name.cfg.

Note: There is the special default hud to disable the whole customizable HUDs.

So the command /hud default will disable and fallback to the default hud defined in the code.

To get your preferred HUD loaded automatically you can set the xp_hud variable in your config file.
Note that the /hud command will also set this variable for you.

Check out the great SuperHud Editor. It provides a visual editor, reducing the creation of a new HUD to a few mouse clicks.


The syntax has been derived from CPMA, so most HUDs should load just fine.

# single-line comment
// single-line comment
/* multi-line comment */
NetGraph {
	rect 592 432 48 48
	bgcolor 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25
NetGraph { rect 592 432 48 48; bgcolor 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25; fill; }


There are some differences compared to CPMA.

  • All elements are optional. Loading an empty file will result in an empty screen.

    In contrast, CPMA draws some elements even if not defined, probably the most noticeable one would be Console.

  • We have a flexible z-layer. Elements defined first will be drawn first, thus PreDecorate and PostDecorate are just the same.

    If you run into problems with your existing HUDs and overlapped elements, just change the order.
    Such fixed HUDs will load fine in both Excessive Plus and CPMA.

  • Elements can be defined multiple times and each appearance will be drawn. For example you can display your health two or even ten times all over the screen, if you fear the death.

  • Several elements can be disabled by the default variables like cg_drawFPS, even the Draw3D property can be overwritten by /set cg_draw3dIcons 0.

    Of course you can only toggle the display if the element is actually defined by the hud file. If there is no FPS defined, you cannot display the FPS with /set cg_drawFPS 1.

  • We have new properties not available for CPMA, namely: Anchors, Param and VerticalBar.


Note: All sizes, positions and drawing is done in an virtual 640x480 box and then scaled to your actual screen resolution.

  • Anchors Flags

    Defines to which directions the element will be anchored relative to the drawn screen. This property will be applied when xp_aspectRatio is enabled, which allows the HUD to not look stretched on non-4:3 resolutions. The possible flags are:

    1 top
    2 right
    4 bottom
    8 left

    Flags can be combined. For example, the default value of 15 (which is 8 + 4 + 2 + 1) will anchor the element in all directions, which means that CPMA HUDs will look stretched, just like if xp_aspectRatio is disabled.

  • Angles Pitch Yaw Roll [ Pan | -Rotate ]

    Used to alter the display of a Model. The fourth value is optional, if given it will either pan or rotate the model, depending on the algebraic sign (positive or negative).

  • BGColor Red Green Blue Alpha

    Defines the background color for the element, valid values are 0..1. In combination with Rect and Fill this will fill the area with the color.

  • Color Red Green Blue Alpha or Color T | E

    Defines the foreground color for the element, valid values are 0..1. Icons and Image properties will use this color.

    There are two special colors T and E, they will represent the colors red or blue depending on your current team.

    Note: Define BGColor to control the alpha of these special colors.

  • DoubleBar [ 0 | 1 ]

    Makes the elements StatusBar_ArmorBar, StatusBar_AmmoBar and StatusBar_HealthBar use two lines instead of one.

    Note: If optional parameter is omitted it will default to 1.

  • Draw3D [ 0 | 1 ]

    Will force the display of a 3d model. This can be overwritten by /set cg_draw3dIcons 0

    Note: If optional parameter is omitted it will default to 1.

  • Fade Red Green Blue Alpha

    If both Fade and Time are defined, the element will linearly fade from Color to this.

  • Fill [ 0 | 1 ]

    Will fill the area defined by Rect with BGColor.

    Note: If optional parameter is omitted it will default to 1.

  • Font fontname

    Defines the font for an element. If omitted xp will be used.

    xp is the default Excessive Plus font
    numbers supports only numbers, no letters
    ui is the font used by Quake 3 UI
    baseq3 will use the old Quake 3 font

    Compatibility mode:
    cpma, sansman will be xp with TextStyle 4 (lite)
    idblock will be numbers
    id will be baseq3
    threewave will be baseq3 with TextStyle 8 (outline)

    Any other fonts will output a warning and the default font will be used instead.

    Note: It is highly suggested to use font xp for elements that can contain player names, because Excessive Plus allows highly customized names with bold/lite styles and special characters not present in other fonts.

  • FontSize PointSize or FontSize Width Height

    The default Excessive Plus font is already aspect-adjusted and generally looks best if you just specify the PointSize. It is suggested to use a distinct Width and Height for all other fonts, with Height being 25-50% larger then Width.

    Note: Negative values can be used to create mirrored text.

  • Image "path/to/image_or_shader"

    Displays the image in the area defined by Rect. You can use any image or shader available in a PK3. If Color is present, it will colorize the image.

    This can also be used to load a skin for a Model, just point the path to a .skin file.

    Note: On a sv_pure enabled server you can only use images available in the PK3s the server provide.

  • Model "path/to/model.md3"

    Displays a 3d model in the area defined by Rect. A specific skin can be loaded for that model with the Image "path/to/" property.

    Use Angles and Offset to further customize the display.

  • Monospace [ 0 | 1 ]

    By default, all fonts are proportionally spaced. Meaning that an "i" takes up less room than an "m". Use this to get the old Quake 3 behaviour but generally this is not suggested.

    Note: If optional parameter is omitted it will default to 1.

  • Offset X Y Z

    Changes the offset of a Model along the X Y Z axis.

  • Param Value1 [ Value2 [ Value3 [ Value4 ] ] ]

    Up to four special parameters for some elements.

  • Rect X Y Width Height

    Defines the position and size of an element.

    Note: Elements and especially Image can be mirrored using negative Width or Height values.

  • Text "some text here"

    Will output the text in the area defined by Rect. Currently only supported by PreDecorate and PostDecorate.

  • TextAlign L | C | R

    Justify the text either left, centered or right within Rect.

    Note: In combination with some elements, this will define the element's position rather then it's text.

  • TextStyle Flags

    1 text will have a drop shadow
    2 ignores inline color codes and forces color defined by the Color property
    4 forces a text to be "lite". Only works in combination with the xp font
    8 text will have an outline shadow

    Flags can be combined e.g. TextStyle 6 will be 4 (lite) + 2 (force color).

  • Time Interval

    Defines how long the element will be displayed in milliseconds.

  • VerticalBar [ 0 | 1 ]

    Makes the elements StatusBar_ArmorBar, StatusBar_AmmoBar and StatusBar_HealthBar be vertical instead of horizontal.

    Note: If optional parameter is omitted it will default to 1.


  • !Default

    This is a helper element and will not be drawn. Once defined, all followed elements will inherit properties from this element. You can reuse this element as often as you want.

  • PreDecorate and PostDecorate

    Empty elements that can be used to draw decoration like separator bars, static Text, images etc.

    Note: Because HUDs have a dynamic z-layer, both elements are the same and are just there for compatibility reasons. The draw order is defined by appearance order in the file.

  • AmmoMessage

    "LOW AMMO WARNING" and "OUT OF AMMO" message. Display can be toggled by cg_drawAmmoWarning.

  • AttackerIcon

    Icon of the player who last attacked you. Time can be used.

  • AttackerName

    Name of the player who last attacked you. Time can be used.

  • Chat1 till Chat8

    Display up to eight lines of player chats. Time can be used.

    Note: This can prepend the client number, depending on xp_drawClientNum.

  • Console

    Replacement for the engine notify console. Time can be used. Display can be toggled with xp_drawNotify.

  • FlagStatus_NME

    Status of the enemy flag in CTF gametypes.

    Note: Use Color E to get a red or blue flag, depending on your current team.

  • FlagStatus_OWN

    Status of your own flag in CTF gametypes.

    Note: Use Color T to get a red or blue flag, depending on your current team.

  • FollowMessage

    "Following <PlayerName>" message. Obviously will only display when following a player while spectating.

  • FPS

    Frames per second. Can be toggled by cg_drawFPS.

  • FragMessage

    "You fragged <PlayerName>" message. Time can be used.

  • GameTime

    Displays the game timer. Can be toggled by cg_drawTimer.

    Note: The last 60 seconds will display milliseconds while overtime will change color to cyan.

  • GameType

    Displays the current gametype like "Freeze Tag" while spectating or during warmups.

  • ItemPickup

    Name of the item you've just picked up. Time can be used.

  • ItemPickupIcon

    Icon of the item you've just picked up. Time and Draw3D can be used.

  • NetGraph

    Displays your net graph or lag-o-meter. Can be toggled by cg_lagometer.

  • NetGraphPing

    Displays your current ping, based on the net graph. Can be toggled by xp_drawPing.

  • PlayerSpeed

    Your current speed on the X-Y-axis in units per second. Can be toggled by xp_drawSpeed.

  • Powerup1_Icon till Powerup4_Icon

    Powerup icons. Draw3D can be used.

    Note: CTF gametypes will display the flag in Powerup1_Icon while you hold it.

  • Powerup1_Time till Powerup4_Time

    Powerup time left in seconds.

  • RankMessage

    "1st place with 12" message. Time can be used.

  • Score_Limit

    Fraglimit, Roundlimit or Capturelimit. Can be toggled by xp_drawScores.

  • Score_NME

    Enemy score. Can be toggled with xp_drawScores.

    Note: Use Color E in combination with Fill to get a red or blue background, depending on your current team.

  • Score_OWN

    Your score. Can be toggled with xp_drawScores.

    Note: Use Color T in combination with Fill to get a red or blue background, depending on your current team.

  • SpecMessage

    Help message for spectators, explaining the keys or informing about your thaw status in Freeze Tag.

  • StatusBar_AmmoBar, StatusBar_ArmorBar, StatusBar_HealthBar

    Current ammo/armor/health in bar form. For a single bar, it will get full when it reaches the hard limit. DoubleBar can be used to get two lines instead of one, representing the soft and hard limits. TextAlign will change the alignment of the whole bar and Image can be used to customize it even further. Can be toggled by cg_drawStatus.

    This element accepts an additional Param, which can be a combination of the following flags:
    1 single bar will behave like the second bar of DoubleBar
    2 single bar will get full when it reaches the soft instead of hard limit
    Combining those flags on different bars can achieve some fancy effects. See hud/qlive_snippet.cfg for an example.

    Note: If Color alpha is 0, flexible color will be used. Red for critical, orange/yellow for normal and white for over limit values.

  • StatusBar_AmmoCount, StatusBar_ArmorCount, StatusBar_HealthCount

    Current ammo/armor/health in numeric form. Flexible colors are enforced. Can be toggled by cg_drawStatus.

  • StatusBar_AmmoIcon, StatusBar_ArmorIcon, StatusBar_HealthIcon

    Current ammo/armor/player icon. Draw3D can be used. Can be toggled by cg_drawStatus.

    Note: If both Image and Model is ommited in StatusBar_HealthIcon, your current model will be used.

  • TargetName

    Current crosshair target's name. Can be toggled by cg_drawCrosshairNames.

  • TargetStatus

    Current crosshair target's status, only available for team members. Can be toggled by cg_drawCrosshairNames.

  • TeamCount_NME

    Players alive on enemy team, only for Freeze Tag and Clan Arena. Can be toggled by xp_drawScores.

  • TeamCount_OWN

    Players alive on your team, only for Freeze Tag and Clan Arena. Can be toggled by xp_drawScores.

  • TeamIcon_NME

    Defaults to red/blue Sarge icon, depending on your team. You can use any Image or Model.

  • TeamIcon_OWN

    Defaults to red/blue Sarge icon, depending on your team. You can use any Image or Model.

  • Team1 till Team8

    Teamoverlay for up to 8 team members. Can be toggled by cg_drawTeamOverlay.

    TextStyle will change alignment for the whole element.

    Note: The column design will be kept, no matter if Monospace is set or not. Generally it will look better without.

  • VoteMessageWorld

    Current vote text.

    Note: Votes can be called at the end of a map, while the scoreboard is displayed. A position should be taken to work for both, in-game and scoreboard.

  • WarmupInfo

    "Waiting for players", "Warmup", "Starts in: X" etc.

  • WeaponList

    The weapon list has some special settings that differ from the rest.

    The Width and Height are for each weapon, not the total.
    TextStyle can be used to have a horizontal or vertical weapon list.
    Color defines the color for your current selected weapon and Fill will show ammo for weapons you do not have.

    Note: The list will wrap at the bottom of the screen for both vertical styles. This way you can get a multi-column list.


Under construction.


In Excessive Plus you can use extended control characters to have colored names with special effects.
The main idea was taken from the popular mod 'OSP'.

The easiest way to create colored names is to use XP Qname 2.0 found here credits to and all who helped make it, for a quick recap on how to set it up read comment 127 by

Of course, you can disable all effects by using xp_noBlink.


From the Character table, you can use different fonts and other characters to make unique names (tags).

For example, both of these codes will produce the word WASP in a different way:


/seta xp_name "#D7#C1#D3#D0"


/seta xp_name "#F7#E1#F3#F0"


To have a colored name you can use the the basic Color line, or the more sophisticated Swatch, HSB, and RBG Tabs, or manually paste hex color codes from your favorite color picker/photo editor into the Code line.

Example, using the basic Color line (8 colors only) would produce the following code:

^0 - makes a text black.
^1 - makes a text red.
^2 - makes a text green.
^3 - makes a text yellow.
^4 - makes a text blue.
^5 - makes a text aqua.
^6 - makes a text fuchsia.
^7 - makes a text white.

So ^1WASP will become and ^1W^2A^3S^4P will become .

The HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness) and the RBG (Red, Green Blue) tabs allow you to have exact colors (examples, SteelBlue via the HSB tab and DarkGoldenRod via the RGB tab).


The Effects section includes several text altering attributes like blinking, fading, glowing and others.


To make text blink select the effect button or use:

^b - makes a text blink at the first half.
^B - makes a text blink at the last half.

For example ^bte^Bst will become .


To fade text select the effect button or use:

^f - will fade out a text and fade in again.
^F - will fade in a text and fade out again.

For example ^fte^Fst will become .


To replace text select the effect button or use:

^r - makes a text display at the first half.
^R - makes a text display at the last half.

For example ^rte^Rst will become .

Foreground and Background Colors

You can improve the appearance of your name (tag) by using Foreground and Background Colors.

Simply place two (2) consecutive colors followed by text or symbols.
The text/symbol will use the 1st color (the foreground color) and the 2nd color (the background color) will be a shadow outline.

Hint: Look up the concept of Color Opposites to improve your efforts. If you use a program like Photoshop or the Gimp you can select the inverse of your color to have a background that will compliment your foreground color.

For example:

/seta xp_name "^7^1#C4#CD#DA^s^0^1#88^s^7^1#8D^s^0^4#F0#F2#E5#E4#E1#F4#EF#F2"

Glowing Text

You can add a glowing effect to your name (tag) for that Alien effect by using ^o or selecting the effect button.

For example, here is the name tag above with Glow on the player name:

/seta xp_name "^7^1#C4#CD#DA^s^0^1#88^s^7^1#8D^s^0^4^o#F0#F2#E5#E4#E1#F4#EF#F2"

Thin Text

If you are using lots of Capital letters, you may find it useful to use the Thin effect to reduce the width of your name (tag). To invoke the Thin effect use ^l or select the effect button.

For example, here is the name tag above with the Thin effect on everything:

/seta xp_name "^7^1^l#C4#CD#DA^s^0^1^o^l#88^s^7^1^l#8D^s^0^4^o^l#F0#F2#E5#E4#E1#F4#EF#F2"

Alpha Blending

To alter the transparency of text or symbols select the effect button or use:

^a1 - makes a text 10% visible.
^a2 - makes a text 20% visible.
^a3 - makes a text 30% visible.
^a4 - makes a text 40% visible.
^a5 - makes a text 50% visible.
^a6 - makes a text 60% visible.
^a7 - makes a text 70% visible.
^a8 - makes a text 80% visible.
^a9 - makes a text 90% visible.

For example ^a2t^a4e^a6s^a8t will become .

Team Colors

While there is no button for this option, you can have your name change colors depending on your team:

^t - will be replaced by your current team color.

For example te^ts^7t will become on team blue , team red ,
as spectator and anything else .

Stop all Effects

To stop all effects from continuing past a certain point select the effect button or use:

^s - stops all effects.


/seta xp_name "^r^1^4*^R^4^1*^s ^f^0^7POLICE ^s^r^4^1*^R^1^4*"

/seta xp_name "^r^f^x77C818apple^xA5CC76juice^s^R^f^x2C7EE4blue^x76A9E7shift"

/seta xp_name "^0^r#1B#13#02#14^R#0A#08#1E#14^s^3test^0^r#12#02#13#1B^R#12#1E#08#0A"


To add via the console type: /set xp_noBlink 0
To add manually to your config: seta xp_noBlink "0"

Disables all fancy name effects, where:
0 = xp_noBlink is disabled
1 = xp_noBlink will disable all effects.
2 = xp_noBlink will disable all effects and draw everything in white color.
3 = xp_noBlink will disable all effects, draw all names in white color and make the console text also white.

E+ 1.03 Name Tag Conversion

If you played the previous version of Excessive Plus (version 1.03) you will notice that your name Tag does not display correctly anymore.
However, there is an easy way to make it compatable with Excessive Plus 2.0a. Simply copy the entire line from your old configuration to a new text file. Remember to save the file with a .cfg extension. Then, from XP Qname, CLICK "File" then "Open" and locate your config file.

For example, here is an old name tag about to be converted to E+ 2.0a style.

Here is the converted tag in Xp Qname.

Either copy and paste the converted code or save the new code and optionally a Country Flag into a new config file. To do so, simply CLICK "File" then "Save or Save As" depending on whether you want to overwrite the original config or create a new config file.

Here is the resulting config file with the new tag and country flag.

Note that E+ 2.0a uses a new client variable (cvar) "xp_name" instead of the old Q3 cvar "name". Consequently, if you later decide to edit the file, remember to modify the line with "seta xp_name" not "seta name".

Also, if you open an old name tag and the result is garbage then use a different text editor. My preferred editor "NotePad++" often had problems but Xint and EditPad Lite worked fine.

GIF and Preview Options

You can toggle the Preview between "16x16" and "32x32" sizes. To do this, CLICK "Options" and select the size that you wish to display.
Note, this only affects Preview and Saved Gif files. It will not change how your name tag displays in Quake III or OpenArena.

The name tags below are the same. The one of the left was displayed in 16x16 preview and the one on the right was displayed in 32x32 preview.

Besides toggling the Preview size, you can change the Preview and Saved GIF quality by CLICKING "Options" then "Gif Quality" and selecting the quality. Please note that you can also change the background of the Saved GIF either before or after you have entered the code. The background will not show up in the Preview but it will in the Saved GIF.

To save your name tag as a GIF, CLICK "File" then "Save As GIF".
The name tag on the left was saved as a 16x16 GIF and the one on the right was saved as a 32x32 GIF.

The 1st image below shows the button in XP Qname which will indicate the background color of your Saved GIF. Note, the Preview background did not change. The 2nd image shows the Saved GIF.


Document Name: XP Qname HTML User Guide v1.1
Author: WaspKiller
Date: January 2010
Notes: This document used the format and some text
and images from the E+ 1.03 Qname User Guide.


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